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  1. Luckyscale2003

    Help this has been going on and off for 3 months.

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 10 g split in half How long has the tank been running? 3 months Does it have a filter? Sponge filter Does it have a heater? 50 watt What is the water temperature? 78 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 20 guppy...
  2. Luckyscale2003

    I’m having a dilemma

    So I’m having a dilemma. I spent a month working on this tank for my pair of halfmoon bettas and my male has the absolute audacity to defy gravity and hob over the barrier into the females tank. Now here’s my dilemma. They spent a month in their cups quarantining. While I was preparing their...
  3. Luckyscale2003

    Power Outage Aquarium Care Guide Article

    Do's Water change when you can- since power is out you want to water change when you can at least 30% 2x a day to keep ammonia levels down and to help with stagnant water. Heating -heat up bags of rice using a fire or a microwave(during rolling outages like what texas is doing) it can heat your...
  4. Luckyscale2003

    Do's and Dont's of fish keeping during power outages (Mini Article)

    Since some of us know Texas is having trouble with blizzards and there power grid is severely damaged i have devised some proven tricks on keeping your scaly slimy friends alive Do's Water change when you can- since power is out you want to water change when you can at least 30% 2x a day to keep...
  5. Luckyscale2003

    Tannins questions

    i hope this is the right thread anyways I have a few Q's can I use lipton black tea bags in my tank? can I use tannins in my oscar/african cichlid tank? or would that lower ph too much because in my community tank when I add tannins from leaves it lowers my ph to 7 when its normally between 7.4...
  6. Luckyscale2003

    Random snail population

    So I haven’t been to the petstore in 2 months and I only bought fish and not plants I bought plants back last august and there was a few snails but I put them in the tank and thought they died and I move media (the blue thing) into this tank to cycle and I see three snails. I was so surprised...
  7. Luckyscale2003

    Help, no medicine is working!!

    So I bought 5 bettas on Jan 1st 2021 and so far two have died one of a mysterious fungal/columnaris like infection the other died 5 days after I bought them so rune is my baby and I bought him because he was so sick and his fins where so bad he was labeled female He recently got fin rot or...
  8. Luckyscale2003

    How would one go about trying to convince parents to let you buy shrimp

    so my mom said im at maximum capacity with my animals but I have wanted some cherry shrimp or bamboo shrimp for my bettas tank. How would one convince her to let her help my addiction......?
  9. Luckyscale2003

    My embarrassment

    So here is my 10 gallon tank embarrassment It started with being my baby box turtles home then she grew out of it and about the same time my 20 gallon tank started leaking so i moved my entire stock to the 10 gal The stock includes 20 guppies 5 neons 3 red eye tetras 2 red tail sharks And 1...
  10. Luckyscale2003

    Homemade incubator broke at night

    My 6 quail eggs sat for around 4 hours at 73 degrees because my heat bulb went out Are they ok or should I throw them out?
  11. Luckyscale2003

    Aged water questions

    so i have recently been learning about aged water and I have a few questions about it Do I need to add water conditioner The longe ri leave it does I get more benefits would it be ok for fry (I plan on doing my first betta spawn in march) i don't have a large reservoir for it so is it still...
  12. Luckyscale2003

    Aquarium Stinking

    My aquariums constantly have this earthy gross smell and I don't know what to do about it any tips maintenance schedule 30% even weeks 50% odd weeks and I do vacumn gravel on 30% weeks filter gets cleaned every 2 months using old tank water parameters are ph 7.4 ammonia 0 nitrite 0 nitrate .10...
  13. Luckyscale2003

    Somatic mutation?

    This is domino she has two dark circles she’s had since she was a baby that’s why I named her domino she’s the queen of the tank because she’s large and I charge and throws the most babies I was wondering if the circles where a somatic mutation or not?
  14. Luckyscale2003

    Guess the amount of fry (game)

    This is Domino she’s around 8 months old and is third generation of the bloodlust strain I am creating she is cellophane but has thrown some pitch black babies and a few blonde babies So whoever guesses the amount of fry she will have I will draw your fish 1 guess a day she should have her...
  15. Luckyscale2003

    Betta Genetic question

    so im really considering breeding my cambodian halfmoon female to my blue butterfly hmdp male what would the babies possibly look like? I guess more specifically what I am asking is What kinds of colors will they be Tail type How many can be considered half moon If the parents temperaments are...
  16. Luckyscale2003

    Question of the day!

    2/4/21 Do you have a dramatic fish? If so what does it do? and what kind is it?
  17. Luckyscale2003

    Mold in cycling tank. Harmful to fish?

    i put some cottonwood leaves in there I read it was safe. Im cycling it for two bettas its a 10 gal. Its only three days into cycling parameters are ammonia .4ppm nitrite 0 nitrate 0 I'm doing a fish in cycle using 5 neon tetras water looks like light tea and isn't cloudy anymore it as cloudy...
  18. Luckyscale2003

    Cambodian changed color, Is that marbling?

    i have a cambodian that turned sarker pink skin with dark red patches and irradescence down her back. Is that marbling?
  19. Luckyscale2003

    Persistant cloudy eye in betta

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 5 gal How long has the tank been running? 3 weeks Does it have a filter? 1 sponge 1 small hang on back Does it have a heater? yes What is the water temperature? 78 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 2 bettas...
  20. Luckyscale2003

    What kind of African cichlids are these?

    So I bought them from petsmart originally had 4 but my pretty blue one with black stripes died but he was small it said assorted but I don’t know what assorted means when in lake Malawi there’s over 1000 different kinds of African cichlids the only info I got was from lake Malawi and can grow...
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