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  1. CoconutTheBetta

    My parameters are through the roof… why?

    Hey! I would just like to make this straight: I HAVE NO FISH IN THIS TANK lol. I know some of you guys may have gotten a bit scared haha. Basically I have this tank running for extra plants and i haven’t changed the water in a while. The last time i changed the water was about 1-2 weeks ago...
  2. CoconutTheBetta

    Looking for a fish-safe dye

    If you don't find any dyes, you could always do brown. Just use Indian Almond Leaves.
  3. CoconutTheBetta

    Just added our first Betta, we may be paranoid but is it normal to hide alot?

    Wow! Ngl, I'm a bit offended :D (I mean the laughing emoji IDK how to put it on here)
  4. CoconutTheBetta

    API Test Kit not working?

    I agree with what's been previously said, test your tap water and for nitrites. But is there a possibility that the test kit reached beyond the expiration date? It should be on the bottle. Has the test kit been stored in a place with bizarre temperatures or a fluctuation of temperatures? Most...
  5. CoconutTheBetta

    Just added our first Betta, we may be paranoid but is it normal to hide alot?

    Beautiful boy! I do agree with the previous comments, the betta is just a little shy and a bit stressed due to the new change of surroundings! If you don't already, you could use API Stress Coat for your next water change to help destress him a bit.
  6. CoconutTheBetta

    Tank decision making

    I actually vote for the bowl front! Yes, it's smaller but I do like the bow front look a lot more than your standard flat look!
  7. CoconutTheBetta

    Live aquarium plant newbie

    Woo hoo! Also, for liquid fertilizer recommendations, I heard Thrive and Aquarium Co-op have good ones! For root tabs, I use this one off of Etsy. At first, I hated it because it leaked plenty of ammonia and nitrites into my aquarium as a result my betta got dropsy. BUT, I put it in an empty...
  8. CoconutTheBetta

    Live aquarium plant newbie

    Hey! If I were to guess, the plant in the first photo is some species of bacopa or moneywort.
  9. CoconutTheBetta

    New beta tank cycling help

    ^agreed since most beneficial bacteria lies in the filter.
  10. CoconutTheBetta

    Help with betta

    Hello! I agree with Jdhef; the bigger the tank the better. Especially if you want tank mates. Since bettas are territorial, in a bigger tank there would be more space to hide for your shrimp and/or snails.
  11. CoconutTheBetta

    Name ideas for my new girl

  12. CoconutTheBetta

    How should I clean this sand?

    Hi! I currently have my betta in a bucket and I'm redoing her tank entirely. I started by adding more sand to what she currently has. This sand is from my old betta tank; It's been washed. But I guess I didn't do it correctly! I had just poured the sand into the water and gave it time to...
  13. CoconutTheBetta

    Fish eating all the food!

    Depending on how many other fish are in the tank, you could hand feed them with tweezers. Since your killifish stays at the top, maybe try a sinking food? Or you could try live food like brine shrimp; there'll be plenty scattered around for everyone to get the opportunity to eat.
  14. CoconutTheBetta

    Betta fin rot?

    That's what I was thinking lol. Having an IAL tree is an aquarist's dream
  15. CoconutTheBetta

    Betta fin rot?

    Do you have a photo of how he looked before these changes to his fins started happening?
  16. CoconutTheBetta

    15 Gallon Tank Should I try betta again?

    No, it didn't serve you right. None of what happened is your fault. It's the sellers. They made the decision to sell you a poorly bred fish. Lots of people order fish online. Most experiences are good but some are bad. You shouldn't allow the seller's dishonestly to make yourself insecure...
  17. CoconutTheBetta

    15 Gallon Tank Should I try betta again?

    I don't think your care was wrong. I think it had to do with the betta's poor genetics.
  18. CoconutTheBetta

    15 Gallon Tank Should I try betta again?

    YES you should! Use your past experiences to make better choices in the future!
  19. CoconutTheBetta

    2 Gallon Tank Is Plakat betta good for 3 gallon tank?

    The betta will survive in the 3 gallon but I strongly recommend at LEAST a 5.
  20. CoconutTheBetta

    Urgent: Nitrite Spike

    Hi! I agree with Carsonsgjs... more water changes. Additionally, did you add any root tabs or increase the bioload lately? If you don't find out where the Nitrite came from, it'll be hard to get rid of it since it can just build up again. I don't think removing the snails would help since they...
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