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  1. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank Eel stocking question!

    I just have clowns in currently. Ideally a reef tank in the future
  2. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank %100 water change, and .15 ammonia?!

    Tap water, but I used chemicals ( Dechlorinator)
  3. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank %100 water change, and .15 ammonia?!

    Hello! I did a %100 water change (tank was filthy, gravel needed cleaned) and we got the water filtered, and filled with salt to the appropriate SG. I did a test, and the levels were .15. Why?
  4. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank Eel stocking question!

    How about smaller fish? If I keep it fed, will it stay docile, or will any inverts and small fish become a snack? Also, what fish can I keep in a 55 gallon that can keep the eel in check?
  5. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank Eel stocking question!

    Thanks for the answer! Do you know anything about their tankmates, or rules around what they should be placed with? Can I place them in a reef tank?
  6. SomeoneFISHy

    Gourami seems sick with strange behavior

    I am not an expert on disease, but it could be Ich. I'd recommend placing it in a quarantine tank, to both prevent spread to other creatures, and to isolate the gourami.
  7. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank Eel stocking question!

    No worries! Just replying helps out! I'll be sure to get a tighter lid, I don't think mine is necessarily the tightest.
  8. SomeoneFISHy

    Want To Buy Looking for coral frags

    Howdy! I'm starting a saltwater reef tank, and I am looking for coral! No SPS, as I do not have the proper lighting yet. My preferred choices would be polyps, zoanthids, and maybe some coral fans. Thanks for reading!
  9. SomeoneFISHy

    Favorite Fish / invert?

    Mine has to be Ocellaris Clownfish. Even though many fish have way cooler abilities and looks, mine have been with me for years, and stuck with me through tank wipe-outs, ammonia spikes, new tank mates! They are very fun to watch, and resilient.
  10. SomeoneFISHy

    Help with Cichlid, mouth constantly open

    I'm not an expert, so I don't know sadly, it does seem to be a problem though. I'd recommend posting a sick form/emergency form. Even if it proves to be nothing, better safe than sorry!
  11. SomeoneFISHy

    55 Gallon Tank Eel stocking question!

    Howdy! I'm coming back into the hobby, and I'm very excited about it. I've got a 55 gallon, but I'm unsure how to go about it. I've got 2 clowns, and that is it in the tank. I want to get some bigger fish, coral, and some inverts. The "bang" is an eel! I want to get a snowflake eel. I have all...
  12. SomeoneFISHy

    DIY Deku Tree Ideas, help!

    Think about things that could possibly deteriorate in the tank. Things that could be nipped, broken, or eaten by accident. The painting would be hard. You could paint with a paint marker or the like, and Flex Seal the heck out of it. Enjoy. This sounds awesome.
  13. SomeoneFISHy

    Help stocking a Reefer 250!

    You're on the right track with the Angels, but you'd have to go Dwarf though. They have a great personality but have trouble getting acclimated. Tangs just need more room in general, so I wouldn't recommend them. A Jawfish could add personality, but add it in first. It takes a small piece of...
  14. SomeoneFISHy

    55 gallon FOWLR stocking

    Tangs would be pretty hard to keep. I honestly want one, but I think it might be for the best not to have one in a 55. May I suggest a Dwarf Angel instead? They are smaller, but serve the same kind of look as a tang. The color variation is SO PRETTY as well!
  15. SomeoneFISHy

    FISH ARENA (Not Violent)

    If you wrote an article that is good too Dwarf Flag Vampire Betta WHO IS NEXT?
  16. SomeoneFISHy

    FISH ARENA (Not Violent)

    Ugh. My own words bit me back Amazoniantanklvr good point. I'llgive you the choice of participating or not. I meant a large grazing fish,for a fish only tank
  17. SomeoneFISHy

    FISH ARENA (Not Violent)

    For non-legendary rare fish keepers, please have a few paragraphs explaining why it is a good match. Amazoniantanklvr if you have a good fish-only FW/Brackish fish, do it! I never said saltwater.
  18. SomeoneFISHy

    FISH ARENA (Not Violent)

    Just for comedy that one is in the gauntlet. david1978 stay tuned. Your Vampire Betta is in...
  19. SomeoneFISHy

    Free Want to re-home Green Terror Cichlid

    Beautiful fish! Can you ship?
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