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  1. Meganliiz

    Zebra Danio red welts and white lumps???

    Hi there, most of my zebra danios are around 2 1/2yrs old and I've had 2 die in the past month or so. The symptoms they've shown before they've been dying seems really odd to me and it's happening to another one now so I just wanted to know if anyone could give me some information. Tank info...
  2. Meganliiz

    New Danios

    I have about 7 zebra Danios currently that are all full grown and bought 3 new ones today. However, I didn't realize how small these Danios were until starting to acclimate them to my current tank. My largest danio is about 3x the size of the smallest I bought today. I'm not sure now if it's a...
  3. Meganliiz

    White Substance Coming out of Fish Gills

    Information about my main tank: freshwater 20-gallon tank with 5 zebra danios, 1 half-moon betta, 1 molly, 1 platy. Separate "quartine tank" 2.5 gallon Products put in 2.5g tank: water conditioner, bacteria supplement, melafix Last week all my fish (besides my betta) began picking on my platy...
  4. Meganliiz

    Mystery Snail Dead?

    About a month and a half ago a friend of mine gave me a 2.5-gallon tank they no longer needed/wanted. I already have a 20-gallon that has been established for a year but decided to set it up anyways and maybe I'd put something in it. I did 50% freshwater and 50% my old already cycled tanks water...
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