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  1. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank How to aerate a tank without an air stone

    I recently bought some water wisteria that I was planning on using as a floating plant. It is still in it's infancy, lots of small plants, but I added it to my main 55 gallon tank today after growing it up for 3 weeks. I also bought 3 of these floating corrals for them. Unfortunately, the flow...
  2. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Underwater Caterpillar

    A few weeks ago, I found this (in picture) caterpillar thing attached to my glass in a small cocoon of java fern leaves held together by some sticky silk. This discovery was preceded by a week or so of perfectly healthy jungle val being torn off and floating at the surface. I killed the...
  3. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Sterilization for Jungle Val, Anacharis, & Java Moss

    Recently bought these 3 types of plant. I was going to a salt dip followed by an H2O2 dip for each of them. Would this method of sterilization work for these plants, especially the java moss because I know mosses can get weird.
  4. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank How to trap baby cories

    I used to think a baby (bronze) cory showing up in my tank was a wonderful thing until they kept appearing. Now I have 3-5 babies in the tank, 2 of them have their adult coloring and have joined my group of 10 adults. I would really like to remove these babies and give them away (I'll probably...
  5. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Apistogramma Hongsloi with popeye

    My A. Hongsloi has unilateral popeye- likely from a physical injury, cories breeding, pleco darting out from the shadows, etc. It's been this way for about a week and it seems to be getting a bit reclusive in the light but moves around a lot in the dark when the tank lights are off. Should I...
  6. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Apistogramma Hongsloi Female - Better alone, with male, or with another female?

    In my 55 gallon, I have a pretty relaxed female Apisto Hongsloi (see picture). She gets along with everyone in the tank and isn't very territorial- doesn't even use the apisto cave I bought her. I was doing some reading on them the other day on a whim (I've had her for a month or two), and I...
  7. Madchild57

    Is my water suitable for nerites?

    My water has a pH of about 6.8, which is good because I have mainly SA fish. However, my previous batch of nerites have mostly died off, been about a year and a half since I bought them. When they died, and even the living ones, they have pits in their shell. I realize now that it's due to lack...
  8. Madchild57

    20 Gallon Tank Are green fire tetras ok with betta?

    I special ordered some green neons from a local fish store and they ended up shipping in some very young green fire tetras instead. They got kind of upset and remarked how I did a special order without researching the fish yet I know these two tetras species are different. However, I think that...
  9. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Best Treatment for Worms on Plants?

    I'm currently quarantining 2 banana lillies and a bunch of java moss. It's been 2 weeks so I went to check on them to make sure there's no snails, planaria, hydra, etc. As I was inspecting, I kicked up some particles. One of the particles looked like a worm. It was white/clear, had a segment in...
  10. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank When do pests start showing up?

    So I bought a bunch of plants from Aquatic Plant Factory about a week ago, 3 banana lillies and a bunch of java moss. I am currently quarantining them because I am paranoid of disease and don't like bleach treatment. If the plants have snails, hydra, planaria, when can I expect them to start...
  11. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank A. Hongsloi Sexing

    I recently bought and added an A Hongsloi to my 55 gallon community tank. Do you all know whether it's male or female? I think female but it's still pretty small.
  12. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Incredibly Frustrating Cloudy Water

    My 55 gallon has been running and cycled for about 1.5 years now, so it's well cycled. However, off and on, more often than not, I've been dealing with hazy water. It's somewhat gray/cloudy. I tried cleaning my filters but that did nothing. I can't figure out what is going on, and my uncycling...
  13. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Strange Peacock Gudgeon Head - Disease or no disease?

    So I have a 55 gallon with 4 female peacock gudgeons. I recently added 3 or these 4 a few days ago because they passed their 3.5 week quarantine period. They were all pretty timid and didn't each much around me when they were by themselves in quarantine. Since I added them to my main tank, 2 of...
  14. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Which apistogramma should I get?

    So I'm in the market for a single apisto for my 55 gallon. I really only want 1 because I don't want to bring their territorial cichlid breeding back into my tank. If I were to get mutliple it would have to be females and they're kind of drab but I really want that cichlid intelligence again. I...
  15. Madchild57

    10 Gallon Tank Quarantining Peacock Gudgeons - Change In Behavior

    I am currently quarantining 3 female adult peacock gugdeons in a 10 gallon tank. I've had them for 3 weeks at this point. Unfortunately, 2 weeks ago I had an ammonia spike that killed the steel blue apistogramma I had in there quarantining with them. This spike stemmed from a power outage that...
  16. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Gourami Problems, lethargic & not eating

    I have a sunset gourami that I've had for 9-10 months that all of a sudden is very lethargic and not eating. It started about 1-2 weeks ago, where it would just be very lethargic and go in one spot and not move. When it does this, it's usually near the top, not in a plant like its trying to...
  17. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Various Questions about Amano Shrimp and Apisto Cichlids

    Hey everyone, I'm in the middle of a restocking of my tank and I had a few general questions. 1. Apistogramma breeding behavior. I only have experience with angelfish breeding pairs, are apistogramma cichlids significantly more aggressive than angels when breeding or are they pretty similar. I...
  18. Madchild57

    55 Gallon Tank Death of one half of angelfish pair

    My male angelfish in my breeding pair (both about 1.5 years old) just passed away today. Anyway, now I have a lone female. What is the protocol for moving on from here? I don't really have the room to buy 5-6 more angels and keep them in a group since my tank has plenty of other, smaller fish...
  19. Madchild57

    Strange precipitate in QT tank

    My 10 gallon QT tank currently has one juvenile GBR and is at 85-86 degrees F. Every time I do a water change (which I do semi frequently), a white precipitate forms in the tank. It's like a cobweb consistency, which isn't consistent with a mineral precipitating. It also smells like sulfur, not...
  20. Madchild57

    Angelfish Crazy Aggression

    My angelfish pair in my 55 gallon, typically very peaceful with each other, are beginning to fight each other a lot. They started scrapping a few months ago but typically only before they lay eggs. Its still within a few days of laying eggs but the fighting has escalated. The female will...
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