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  1. FishWithTim

    29 Gallon Tank A way to pump water from a bucket to tank for water changes

    Hey everyone! So I'm looking for something I can use to pump water from my five gallon bucket to my tank for water changes. Why? I'm a skinny 18 year old kid and I can't lift a 5 gallon bucket chest high and then poor slowly into the tank. I should probably hit a gym but until that day comes...
  2. FishWithTim

    29 Gallon Tank How to grow plants?

    Hello everyone, I've recently dived in to the world of live plants. I've been doing so much research and watching many videos. However, it all just seems a bit confusing. As of right now I have some low light plants with a 17 watt t5 bulb. For a substrate I have sand, but not fine sand or corse...
  3. FishWithTim

    20 Gallon Tank Musk turtle in 20g tall?

    Hello everyone! Been a minute since I've been on here. I've been interested in a musk turtle for quite some time. My LFS actually has some. I was wondering if a 20g tall would be suitable for a musk turtle. I know a 20g long would be preferable but I don't have a spot for a long tank. I've never...
  4. FishWithTim

    29 Gallon Tank How to start a low tech planted tank?

    Hello everyone, I’m in the process of turning my 29 gallon into a low tech planted tank. Currently I just have 2.5 inches of sand in the aquarium which I know I will probably have to change. I have 3 Java ferns which could probably be doing better. I’ve been doing tons of research and all of it...
  5. FishWithTim

    Tim’s Official 29 Gallon Tank Build

    Hey all! After taking a break from the hobby and shutting down all my tanks. I’d like to start up my 29 gallon again. With completely re doing my room I thought a fish tank would be a great addition. So with all that being said, let’s dive in to the blueprints! [Plants & Decor] So for this tank...
  6. FishWithTim

    Considering leopard gecko as first reptile

    So I’m interested in getting a leopard gecko, I already have a tank. It’s a 29 gallon I recently had fish in but I cleaned it. I was wondering if the 29 gallon would be ok and whether or not the heating pad has to be on all the time? How to do the calcium bowl? And the moist hide.
  7. FishWithTim

    Bored with 29 gallon

    Hello everyone, I can’t quite exactly remember the last time I was on this platform. Anyways, my 29 gallon has gotten me quite bored with the hobby and I’ve neglected it for the past 6-7 months with only doing top offs and not feeding as often. I want something different, right now it’s just a...
  8. FishWithTim

    Interested In Making My 29g Saltwater

    So I am marine honors science this year and high school and it’s really getting my thought of having a saltwater tank flooding my head again. I have a 29 gallon freshwater tank that I could make into a saltwater, how do I do this? And how do I make it not cost a 1000 dollars?
  9. FishWithTim

    20 Gallon Tank Looking To Upgrade From Loud Hob

    I have hob filters on two out of three of my tanks and one of them is just so loud you can here through out the whole house and I’m done with it. I was watching a video and I saw that this tank had a submersible filter. I think I want to get one of this but I’m just not sure. The tank I’m doing...
  10. FishWithTim

    Is My Crayfish’s Eggs Fertilized?!

    So uh I got this crayfish about give or take a month and half ago or less and she has eggs under her and has been hiding. They are all black. I can’t get a picture because it’s difficult but basically the eggs are all black and there’s a lot of them. I got the crayfish from petco and she looked...
  11. FishWithTim

    29 Gallon Tank Stocking Help

    So my 29 gallon is getting a bit boring and making me kind of uninspired. I want a completely new stocking with super active social fish. Something unique and not really seen often, like a certain fish or something. Right now the current stocking is. X8 guppies (some are babies) X2 Cores ( I...
  12. FishWithTim

    Do You Have To Take Apart A Tank And Put It Back Together After A While?

    So my 20 gallon long is a bit beaten up and I have to reseal it because I just noticed there is missing silicone in some areas. But I was watching one of king of diy’s old videos and he said sometimes you need to take a tank apart and rebuild it. I’m not sure and I’m kind of confused. How do...
  13. FishWithTim

    How Do I Reseal A Tank With Fish Safe Silicone?

    So like 6 months ago I found this tank in someone yard that had moved away and just left it, so I took it. I’ve noticed that some of the silicone is fading away. How do I reseal it, I’m really nervous it’s gonna break. The only inhabitant is a crayfish and this is a 20 gallon long. Will I screw...
  14. FishWithTim

    What Would Be A Good Thing To Breed For Profit Right Now

    So, I’m planning on breeding my crayfish, mostly just for experience and selling them to my LFS. I’ve been thing about breeding blue dream shrimp for profit and selling them on here, I was also thinking about snails and plants. What do you guys think, would you buy any of these minus the...
  15. FishWithTim

    How To Price Fish Based On Shipping

    So, I’ve never shipped fish before but I am planning to fish baby electric blue crayfish to any one here on fishlore as long as they live in the United States that’s interested. But how to I make a price based on shipping and the value of the fish?
  16. FishWithTim

    Is My Crayfish A Male?

    So I looked up the difference between a male and a female crayfish and I’m sure that mine is a male but I just want to clarify. He was being a bit difficult.
  17. FishWithTim

    Been In Hobby 2 Years Never Tested Water Or Know How

    So I’ve been in the hobby for 2 years, I have 3 tanks that I do regular maintenance on. In 2 years I’ve probably lost less than 10 fish. I plan on buying the master test kit. But I also probably need learn how to adjust pH and so much, basically everything about water testing and adjusting water...
  18. FishWithTim

    Instant Cycling A Quarantine Tank?

    So I am changing two of my tanks around, I emptying my 10 gallon and starting a female betta sorority in my 20 gallon long. Can I get some lava rock and put it a bag that allows water through it so bacteria can form in it and I can take that bag and instant cycle my soon to be quarantine tank...
  19. FishWithTim

    Bettafishkeeper4302’s 29 Gallon Rescape/build Log

    So I have decided to revamp the look of this tank and get rid of the terrible beginner looking scape, this tank has been up for almost a year. I started off by adding a nice piece of tigerwood. The plants in the tank are just valisneria which I plan on getting completely rid of. Unfortunatley I...
  20. FishWithTim

    Can Crayfish Live Together?

    I have a 20 gallon long but designating it to just one crayfish seems a bit of a waste and boring. Can I have maybe two or three in there? Caves will be provided as well as lots of plants. I know they live close to one another in the wild.
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