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  1. Atlus

    Good root tabs

    Are there any root tabs that won't make my water cloudy?
  2. Atlus

    Help stocking my zebra danio tank

    Alrights thanks alot!
  3. Atlus

    Help stocking my zebra danio tank

    Some people told me the fish tank is not ideal for the danios, but they came with the tank, so with that aside what other fish should I put. If you want to suggest something besides the options given, dont reccomend anything too sensitive like otosinclus, panda or pygmy cories.
  4. Atlus

    Help pls red anus on zebra danio

    I had a link to my reddit post because you cant post videos but it got taken down and its too active to take a good pic, but im certain its camalanus worms now, thanks anyway
  5. Atlus

    Help pls red anus on zebra danio

    Pls someone help, I rlly need answers but idk if it is camellanus worms because I dont see anything sticking out.
  6. Atlus

    Corydoras with danios

    I have a tank with only 6 zebra danios at the moment, would the active behaiviour of the danios be ok with panda cories if i decide to add them. I heard zebra danios can fin nip if kept in bad parameter, but i keep on top of my parameters.
  7. Atlus

    Stocking ideas

    My 24 x 12 x 19 fish tank currently houses 6 zebra danios. What else should I stock it with? i was thinking a bristlenose or a few kuhlis but id like to hear your thoughts
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