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  1. saintanna

    Advice on stocking 40 gallon

    hello :) i’ve started cycling a new 40 gallon tank and am doing some research on what i should stock it with. I was thinking an electric/german blue ram, some rummy nose tetras, false juli corys, and maybe a starlight bristle nose pleco. i know the corys and tetras need to be in groups but are...
  2. saintanna

    New shrimpies

    So i just got my first shipment of caridina “chaos” bolts two days ago. These are the first caridinas i’ve ever owned. Unfortunately, they were stuck at the post office over the weekend (nearly 4 extra days). The box was smashed on one side and when i opened it, the water was really warm. Most...
  3. saintanna

    Nitrates with no nitrites?

    hello, I’m doing a fishless cycle for a 10 gallon that will hopefully have caridina shrimp in it soon. It's been running for a little over a week with a seeded sponge filter, wood, plants, and 1.5 indian almond leaves from my other two 10 gallons. I've been adding fish food for an ammonia source...
  4. saintanna

    How to dose Alkaline Buffer to gradually raise ph

    My tap water is pretty acidic and comes out of my tap at about 6.5. I bought Seachem alkaline buffer in hopes to raise it to a more suitable level for neocaridina shrimp and a betta fish. Everything I've seen says to raise the pH slowly but the only instructions on the bottle say to add 1 tsp...
  5. saintanna

    Do I have enough oxygen in my water?

    I have a 10 gallon with a betta and some corys. I bought my tank used and already established with a bunch of plants. The filter that came with it is for a 30-60 gallon tank so it moves a lot of water. Since I have my betta in there, I've rigged up some plastic cups and tied some foam around the...
  6. saintanna

    Berried or parasites?

    i bought this neo from petco and it was already berried (or so i thought). now i’m thinking it could be a parasite. the shrimp hides a lot so it’s hard to get any good photos with my phone. after getting it out of the tank, i can see that it’s definitely feathery looking like ellobiopsidae
  7. saintanna

    10 Gallon Tank Petco mystery shrimp ID

    hello guys, I bought a few shrimp from Petco yesterday and didn't realize that they might not be what they were advertised as until I got home. I couldn't get any sleep until reading every last forum page I could find. According to the pet store, I got 5 or so cherry shrimp, 2 orange bee shrimp...
  8. saintanna

    Hey ya'll!!

    I've started a new hyper fixation hobby lol. I had fish tanks growing up but obviously wasn't super hands on on the technical aspect of things. I've recently gotten back into it as a 23 y.o. As of right now, I have two 10 gallon freshwater tanks each with 1 betta, 1 peppered cory, and some...
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