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  1. sfletch77

    Juvenile apisto sexing

    I was wondering if it's possible to sex these apistos at this size/age. I think they're around a month old now. I think they could be female but I'm no expert lol. Thanks!
  2. sfletch77

    Apisto fry question (again)

    So I have a pair of apistos that, a while ago, bred in QT. There were 6 kribs and 3 juvenile plecos in there as well. The fry were all eaten except for 2. I learned my lesson and moved out the kribs and plecos. Now, there's 2 juvenile apistos (still can't sex them) and the original pair bred...
  3. sfletch77

    Apistogramma disappearance?

    So I've posted before about my surprise apisto fry in the QT tank. I think I had between 20 and 30 of them. In that tank, I also had 6 kribs and 3 juvenile blue eyed long fin bristlenose plecos (I received them at the same time so they were quarantined together. I wasn't expecting the apistos...
  4. sfletch77

    Unhatched brine shrimp eggs

    Hello all! I recently started hatching my own brine shrimp to feed my apisto fry. Since the fry were unplanned, I decided to order on Amazon so I could receive everything quickly. Turns out, the eggs I bought have a HORRIBLE hatch rate. I'm betting less than 50%. I have ordered better and well...
  5. sfletch77

    Just wanted to share my excitement

    So I purchased a pair of apistogramma cacatuoides from Aquabid. This was my first time using Aquabid so that whole process was exciting for me. I was constantly checking my emails and signing into my account (even at work lol) to check my bids. Anyway, I won them with a group of 6 unsexed...
  6. sfletch77

    Repashy refrigeration

    So I have a question about Repashy. I currently make Super Green for my plecos and other algae eaters. Once made, I always put it in the fridge like the instructions say. But I just saw at the bottom of the bottle it also says "Refrigeration will extend freshness." Does this mean I should...
  7. sfletch77

    Frozen Baby Brine Shrimp

    I was wondering what people's thoughts were on frozen baby brine shrimp. I currently have breeding guppies, and soon will have a pair of breeding apistos and a group of kribensis. I was wondering if the fry will readily accept frozen baby brine shrimp and grow well on it. I know most people use...
  8. sfletch77

    My first day here!

    Hello all, and thanks for welcoming me to the forum. Like many people, my fish keeping hobby started as a child who wanted a tank and the parents gave in and bought one. I barely remember much about it other than it had my favorite catfish and frog in it. I also remember how my mom would clean...
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