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    im back too

    after my undeclared apsence vacation and first week of school not a good combo. well I back
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    betta tank mates

    hopefuly bruces tank will be upgraded to a 10-20 gallon tank. if its a 20 gallon I would like to have a schooling fish in there, whould rabsoras work?
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    possibly fish tb

    inactivity, loss of color or appetite, weight loss are some of the syptoms for it and I think my long fin gold danio. How do I go about treating this disease?
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    Got 2 Otoclinclus

    I just got 2 Otoclinclusthey are in my 20 gallon
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    feeding schedule

    Is it ok to feed Bruce a pea every second feeding?
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    Tank Journal, 20 gallon

    This is the 20 gallon tank that I have Had all along I will just put updates here.To date I have 3 zebra danios, 4 Serpae tetras, and one pleco. I have found a home for the pleco, and am looking for one for the Danio's.
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    I think my betta is the odd one out

    Well I think Bruce is the odd betta here he will eat any thing he's like a puppy. Its getting had to feed the corys he eats the sinking waffers!!!!!and dosen't let the corys have any of the waffer I just don't know what to do.
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    How long are these light blubs?

    Thanks in advance
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    I got a betta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I got a betta his name is Bruce ill get pics soon !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Brown algae will it ever go away

    Will brown algae ever go away it really is starting to make me mad I haven't in both tanks and don't like it. after cleaning it off it comes back 2 days lator > >
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    Best Betta food

    I'll be getting a Betta soon so I want to get him a good food
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    what is your favorite type of cory? Adolfo's cory is my apsolte favorite but it is pricey :-[
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    fishless cycle ?

    when is a fish less cycle complete?
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    betta compatibility

    are bettas compatible with ghost shrimp? or any shrimp?
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    Tank journal 5 gallon

    I have seen this done on plantgeek so why not try it here OK as some of you may have known I got a 5 gallon tank (that is going to be home of a betta and some ottos)from a freiend who could know longer keep it. Day1) I cleaned the tank and equpiment and boiled 2 rocks Day 2)washed the gravel put...
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    Got a New Tank for a betta!!!

    well today I got a free 5 gallon tank with filter, Heater, and hood. I know that not many fish can be keep in such a small tank so I thought Would get a Betta and some Otto's would that be OK? it is going to have live plants with 2.8 watts per gallon
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    What is the best substrate for live plants?

    What is the best substrate for live plants?
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    Have a question

    What doesthis mean when it says ph netural? long story short I'm reserching for a new tank (55 gallon planted
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    pleco moving soon

    well I found some one to tank my pleco (yes the tank gives it plenty of space (125G)) and I am think about getting 4 ghoast shrimp, 2 serpae tetras,2 trilined corys, and 2 more danios. every one think this will work I know that the tetras and danios and corys will be happyer in the groups they...
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    catfish sick plez help

    one of my cat fish appearers to have fin rot any help would be appreciated
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