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  1. Wrona0306

    Hygrophila pinnatifida brown spots

    Hi why my hygrophila pinnatifida have brown spots? What minerals do i need I already use tropica specialized ones a week after water change and seachem exel everyday 0.9ml and seachem iron twice a week 1ml. All my live srock are fine with no issue other plants are ok so what i missig here. I...
  2. Wrona0306

    Clean tank smelly water

    Hi everyone About 7 week ago i set up 180l fish tank fully planted. Water parameters are ph 6.8 amonnia 0 Nitrates 0 Nitrates about 2 to 3. Water change are weekly 40-50%. Every week maintenance glass clean sand clean etc. Stock are 9 amano 5 corys 30 cherry 25 green neon tetras 15 guppys 2...
  3. Wrona0306

    Rotala rotundifolia problem

    Hi everyone Why my rotala rotundifolia always grow with some problems. Day after planting my rotala grow narmaly but after when roots settle and rotala start grow leavs getting wird brown dyscorolation and brown spots. New grow after tremming looks better more greenish but still with some...
  4. Wrona0306

    New set up

    Hi everyone What you peaple thinking about my new set up. This is bowl with no filter no heater and no co2. This is my first time doing something like that. I hope will work but if not will try again till will work. I was used tropica substrat, decoration sand and trimmimgs from my different...
  5. Wrona0306

    New fish for 180l

    Hi everyone 2morrow will visit fish store and will like get some ideas what i shut buy for this tank. Already have 9 amano 6 zebra snails and 5 sterbai cory.
  6. Wrona0306

    Weird water parameters

    Hi 13 days ago i start new fish tank 180l with new filter oase 250 fully loaded with matrix and 100g of purigen. Water parameters for first 4 days ph6 ammonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 5. After this four days i add crush coral shell skeletons to reise ph and start cycle also i add my 2 external...
  7. Wrona0306

    New tank cycle?

    Hi everyone 9 days ago i set up 180l tank i had low ph 6 and 0kh. Yesterday i add crush coral shell skeletons and ph is 6.4 and kh 1 and i think will go up little more in couple of days so this is good. Before i add crush coral shell skeletons water parameters was amonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrates...
  8. Wrona0306

    Crush coral shell skeleton to raise Ph

    Hi Just quick one 2day to crush coral is seem product as crush coral shell skeleton. Need to rais ph in the tank and dont womt use any chemicals.
  9. Wrona0306

    Need advice with new filter in old tank

    My friend have problem with cycle new tank so i wont help him and give him my 7months old fully cycled filter for couple weeks becouse this will help him for shure. I have spere hong on filter and wont use this filter in my tank with some new sponges. I dont wont open my 7months filter and...
  10. Wrona0306

    New set up

    Hi everyone I set up new tank 2 days ago and my no are Ph 6 Amonia 0.5 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 5 Im treating water with prime and stability So enyone know when nitrites show up. Top water have 7ph and after 50% water change ph in the tank is 6.6 but this morning drops to 6. I thinking about...
  11. Wrona0306

    Low ph in new set up

    Hi everyone I set up 180l planted tank yesterday and was water parameters and Ph 6 Amonia 0.5 Nitrite 0 Nitrates 5 I was used prime and stability also seachem flourish only. Water is little bit cloudy but i hope will clear till 2morrow but my real quastion is why ph is so low. Tap water ph 7 ...
  12. Wrona0306

    Micro worms in soil

    Hi everyone Few days age i look at my nano tank and see some little micro white dots worms This worms are active and move under soin and on the soil. Whot they are?
  13. Wrona0306

    Charge for set up new tank

    Hi everyone Have quastion to enyone who know answer. I set up 2day new tank for my 1st customer juwel rio 180 and had problem with price for job so is here someone what know what i shut charge him. He had all staff i just use my knowlege and skills also i will look after this tank and he will...
  14. Wrona0306

    Seachem flourish excel - do i need co2 checker?

    Hi everyone Quastion to you guys , will like start use seachem flourish excel and just wonder do i need co2 checker put on the glass or this is not nessesery
  15. Wrona0306

    Start new fish tank 180l

    Hi everyone I have question about my new tank i plan get bigger shopping 2morrow and wont make shure i will buy right staff so External filter or eheim or oase 350 Biomedia seachem matrix Chemical media seachem purigen Mechanical media filter flos and some sponges for removing bigger organic...
  16. Wrona0306

    Seachem prime black bits

    Hi everyone I opened 2day new bottle of seachem prime and finf lots of black bits inside And i just will like know to this is normal. Add pic
  17. Wrona0306

    Amonnia 3 Nitrites 0 ?

    Hi everyone I set up new tank 4 days ago and i have not standart water parameters Amonnia 3 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 30 Ph 6.5 Yesterday i had Amonnia 4 Nitrites 0.25 Nitrates 20 Ph 6.6 I do 50% water changes everyday and use prime and stability. I this set up i have cycled filter media from my old...
  18. Wrona0306

    Betta fish big belly

    Hi everyone I thing i have some problem with my crowntail betta. From about week his belly swallom and get very big. Hi was not feeding for past 2 days becouse i was think that will help but did not also his eyes get bigger and this start worried me. Anyone know whot is happening. I have this...
  19. Wrona0306

    Dead otto catfish

    Hi everyone I have heavly planted tank and one otto died in my fish tank for shure, i cant find his wee body anywere and im worried he start rot and poison water. In this tank i have 10 amano shrimps and will like know this amano will eat dead fish and sorted my problem or im in big trouble. He...
  20. Wrona0306

    Sand from the beach

    Hi everyone What you all thinking about useing sand from the beach in fresh water tank. I know this sound sily but can you use this sand in tank? I wont boiled this sand and wash few times in tap water so what you all think about this idea?
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