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  1. MrFishkeeper1

    Red Tail Shark with Shrimp

    Would it be safe to keep a Redtailed Shark in a 40 gallon medium/heavily planted tank without him eating most of the cherry shrimp?
  2. MrFishkeeper1

    Cold Weather Shock With Plants?

    I ordered some Plants and they experienced below 50 degree Weather for a total of about 12-18 hours at different times and I did my best to somewhat acclimate them to the warmer water tempatures and air tempatures. Will it be too much, if so when will I see symptoms? It was never below freezing...
  3. MrFishkeeper1

    Goldfish with Hillstream Loach Fry

    If I were to keep a larger school of hillstream loach in with goldfish and the hillstream loach were to breed and some eggs somehow made it through and fry hatched would the goldfish choke on the babies and cause both fish to die or would the baby loaches and goldfish be safe?
  4. MrFishkeeper1

    Do Gobies Have Spines or Barbs

    I am wondering if I could keep a larger species of goby with goldfish and am wondering if they have spines so that if they do breed the babies will not harm the goldfish with potential dangerous spines or barbs. Please do not suggest other algae eaters such as hillstream loach, bristlenose...
  5. MrFishkeeper1

    Will Prevent Ich Kill Beneficial Bacteria?

    I'm trying to find a good medicine group to use in prevention for my fish and was wondering if Prevent Ich is safe for beneficial bacteria because I can't seem to find anything that says it isn't but I also can't find if it is safe either. It says it prevents the infections of single celled...
  6. MrFishkeeper1

    Pygmy Sunfish Breeding with Lagrer Fish

    Has anyone successfully bred pygmy sunfish with anything larger than them? I'm not worried per say about fry or eggs being eaten. I'm just wondering if they would be too nervous to breed with a larger fish around?
  7. MrFishkeeper1

    Anyone Know When Buceplant Restocks?

    Does anyone know when Buceplant restocks? I've been saving up for some plants and of course they have all been in stock until I want to order them. I need to order soon as the weather in my area is going to get cold and I'd like it not to be like 10 degrees out when I order my plants.
  8. MrFishkeeper1

    What is a Pinto x Tibee Called?

    What would a Tibee x pinto be called? If I "created" it would I be able to make a name? So it would be roughly 37.5% tiger shrimp and 62.5% crystal/tawian bee.
  9. MrFishkeeper1

    Male betta in breeder box with female betta

    Can I keep a male betta in a breeder box on the inside of a tank with a female betta sorority for a week or two? Please help, I dont know when this betta will be sold and an answer soon would be appreciated.
  10. MrFishkeeper1

    Has anyone kept SLIM bodied goldfish with swordtails and/or platys?

    I was wondering if anyone had successfully kept goldfish with swordtails and/or platy fish? Please dont tell me that the tempature is too cold I am going to keep the temp at 70-74 degrees and I will be mixing variatus with the swordtails to make them a little more cold hardy. I am saying platy...
  11. MrFishkeeper1

    Multicolor Strain/ Black Rose x Bloody Mary

    What would happen if I bred a black rose shrimp with a bloody mary? Would it be all black offspring with a reccsive red trait or the other way around? Would it just create a dull colored shrimp?
  12. MrFishkeeper1

    Easiest Strain of Caridina Shrimp to Breed

    What is the easiest strain of caridina shrimp to breed? I know they are all harder to breed then neocaridina but what strain might be a little more hardier and easier to breed?
  13. MrFishkeeper1

    Breeding Crystal Shrimp

    So I would like to breed crystal shrimp and I was wondering what the deal was with crossing snow white bees with crystals? Does it affect the color at all? Will it help the "line"?
  14. MrFishkeeper1

    Are Giant Bettas More "Aggressive"?

    I really wanted to do a betta sorority but to get a bunch of healthy (not from big box stores) and pretty female bettas is a little more expensive than I assumed. So I am now debating on either or not I should do a sorority or get a giant koi betta. But I was wondering if the giant variety is...
  15. MrFishkeeper1

    How to Make Angelfish NOT Pair

    This seems like an absurd question to many. Why not breed something and make a little bit of money? Well that's the thing I dont have any fishkeeping friends in my area, nor is there a fish club near me. So my question is: How can I keep a school of angelfish without them pairing and me having...
  16. MrFishkeeper1

    All Male School of Emporer Tetra?

    I really want to get black emporer tetras but I've read that they need more males than females. I cant take the rowdy males back to a fish shop and I will have to order online. So I was wondering if I could use the extra males in a new school? Will there be to much aggression? Or will they be...
  17. MrFishkeeper1

    Is this silicone safe for fish tank?

    I am going to be resiliconing a tank and I am wondering if this is safe for fish?
  18. MrFishkeeper1

    Swordtail with Amano Shrimp

    I was wondering if you could keep amano shrimp with swordtails? I love koi colored fish and I know Angels are out of the question so I was wondering if I could keep koi swordtails with specifically amano shrimp?
  19. MrFishkeeper1

    Pleas help tank is leaking.

    My tank is sort of leaking (complete and under confusion just started). So basically my tank has a minor leak that has been going on for over a month. I put a cloth where the leak is to see how much water was coming out, there was quite a bit but after a while the towel dried and didnt become...
  20. MrFishkeeper1

    Green Neon vs Neon

    -Which fish is hardier -Which would do better in warmer water 75-79 -Which lives longer -Which schools better -Which do best in a community setting Please dont suggest cardinals, I know it's going to sound crazy. But.... I just dont really like the way they look. I like how the neons and green...
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