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  1. TheNacho

    Endler and Molly hybrids

    I have several female mollies, and I got a few male endlers without thinking about it (they were so pretty...) According to the internet, they can interbreed. Does anyone have any experience with endler/molly hybrids? Will they turn out healthy? Any pics? Any additional information? Thanks
  2. TheNacho

    Is this Molly pregnant?

    I got 2 new females a month ago. One of them (Don't know which, didn't notice anything until the babies were already born) gave birth a week ago or so. Now one of them, I'm assuming the one that didn't give birth, looks significantly fatter than the other new molly. She doesn't seem to be...
  3. TheNacho

    Super sick fish, sunken stomach, pineconing, help!

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 110 Litres How long has the tank been running? 6+ momths Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater? Yes What is the water temperature? 26° What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) 1 pleco, 5 mollies (now 4), 4...
  4. TheNacho

    Help Snail ID?

    Found a bunch of them when I bought new moss. They look like Malaysian trumpet snails but the type of their shells aren't sharp or long at all.
  5. TheNacho

    Moss ID?

    Pic attached. Thin strands, thought it was Christmas moss but doesn't have too much structure... It's like hair with texture almost?
  6. TheNacho

    4 gallon stocking?

    I know 4 gallons are VERY limited. Honesty I wouldn't even keep a betta in there, I used to but it never went too well. Now I have a 4 gallon that I'm currently 'cycling' (I used filter media from a very cycled tank), probably will turn it into a shrimp tank, but are there any fish that could...
  7. TheNacho

    Setting up a shrimp tank

    I finally decided to set up a cherry shrimp tank! I already set up my 4 gallon tank, which already has filtration, a heater, and light. Added some plants, so it looks like a mini forest. (pic attached). Haven't put shrimp in yet. What other things should I get to ensure that mu shrimp will...
  8. TheNacho

    Thin Molly

    I got 3 lyretail mollies 4 months ago. One of them looked kinda thin and I thought she'll get rounder, but now she still looks significantly thinner than the others despite eating about as much as them. She also rests on the substrate more often than the others. Is this a reason to be concerned...
  9. TheNacho

    Boosted Cardinal Tetra

    I have a 29g tank, some of the fish I have are 4 cardinal tetras that I've had for 4 months now. Recently I've noticed one of them looks bloated, near its head, also it seems like it's constantly moving it's mouth as if its eating. Otherwise no change in behavior or water parameters, all fish...
  10. TheNacho

    Molly fry not growing

    About 2.5 months ago one of my balloon mollies gave birth unexpectedly. I managed to salvage 7 of the fry (now 5, after 2 of them died). I measured them today, largest is 1.5 cm, smallest is about 1.1 cm. I thought that by that point they'll be larger. Also all of them still look like females...
  11. TheNacho

    Livebearer ID?

    Saw this cool fish in my LFS. Was only told that it's either a molly, a platy, or a mix of both. Can anyone ID?
  12. TheNacho

    Will mollies and platies shoal together?

    I have 2 female balloon mollies + a few of their fry. In my LFS there were some new fish- mollies, platies, and a mix of both. If I get a platy or a mollie/platy mix, will they school with my balloon mollies?
  13. TheNacho

    Plant ID?

    Had this plant for at least a year now. Won't grow or die. What is this?
  14. TheNacho

    HELP!!! Balloon Molly fry not moving + weird shape

    So I've have balloon molly fry born around a month ago. I have the mother, father unknown. We didn't know she was pregnant so we only managed to salvage 7 fry. Currently they are in a 4g tank, with a few snails (to eat the leftover food) and an anubia plant. Water parameters as measured today-...
  15. TheNacho

    Urgent: Dying Molly

    I had this balloon molly for 1.5 years. Recently I moved her to a new bigger aquarium, and 3 weeks ago added 2 new female balloon mollies and 4 cardinal tetras. As soon as the new fish were added she started having a bit of fin rot, but it didn't seem very bad and she was acting social and...
  16. TheNacho

    Will DG's be good for my tank?

    Hya! I've been keeping fish for about 1.5 years now and I've always wanted a gourami, I just always loved their looks. And recently my LFS received some dwarf gouramis and I'm seriously thinking about getting one. However, I'm not sure if a dwarf gourami will fit in my tank. It's is a 29...
  17. TheNacho

    Surprise molly fry!! Help!

    So I recently moved my new female balloon mollies into their new tank, and today my mom noticed a few (~6) babies in the quarantine tank! This is my first time dealing with babies. Can someone please tell me how old they look, and what to feed them? Also, at what age can you see if they're male...
  18. TheNacho

    Gourami ID?

    Hi, can someone please help ID this gourami?
  19. TheNacho

    Helping new mollies trust me

    I recently bought 2 new female balloon mollies to be friends with my older one, that I've had for 1?5 years. I quarantined them for 2 weeks and just yesterday moved them to the 29g. They seems to be acclimating pretty well, exploring a lot and being active, they chase the older mollie a bit but...
  20. TheNacho

    Cardinal tetras dropping like flies

    PLEASE HELP! On Friday I bought some new fish for my tank. In my 10g tank I put 10 cardinal tetras and 3 balloon moollies to quarantine before adding to my main aquarium. 2 days ago one of the cardinal tetras died,yesterday another one, and today another 2... The only thing that seems weird...
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