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  1. Tetraman124

    A weird unidentified fish

    I had ordered some Chinese algae eater and this weird fish came in the bag with them and I don’t know what it is
  2. Tetraman124

    How many giant danios in a 29 gallon

    I have a 29 gallon tank and I would like to stock it with giant danios and or zebra danios Because I love the action and the look it’s just giant danios get giant so how many in a 5 gallon
  3. Tetraman124

    Can I breed bettas in a 5 gallon

    I breed fish normally like angels Plecos danios and the normal but I resently got a betta fish for an empty 5 gallon and he’s building a bubble nest so I was wondering if I can breed him in a 5 gallon
  4. Tetraman124

    What can I keep with a pea puffer in a 5 gallon

    I intend on getting one pea puffer for my 5 gallon but want something small and will somewhat clean up I would be fine with some invertebrates It’s heavily planted by the way
  5. Tetraman124

    5 gallon Stocking help

    I have an extra 5 gallon tank and don’t really want your average betta or shrimp tank so what are some cool things that can live there whole life in a 5 gallon that’s would be cool to look at
  6. Tetraman124

    Anyone know where a fish expo is near Houston

    I live right outside of Houston and really want to go to some kind of fish expo close by.You guys know anything
  7. Tetraman124

    What’s the best brand of sponge filter

    I need a sponge filter for a five gallon to be small quiet and not much flow also something that I can hide in my plants
  8. Tetraman124

    How many kuhlis in a five gallon

    Can I even keep a kuhli loach in a five gallon of so how many if there the only fish in the tank
  9. Tetraman124

    Algae identification

    I have a weird algae in my 29 gallon tank and it seems to grow back within like a day! It amazing the amount of time it grows back and I have a picture but need help identifying it and how to get rid of it
  10. Tetraman124

    Do the marineland filters make a lot of noise

    It’s as simple as that I was just wondering if the marineland filters make a lot of noise
  11. Tetraman124

    What’s the best hang over the back filter

    I have a 29 gallon tank the hang over the back filter went out it was the top fin brand not a aqua clear though,And so I would really like different better filter so I was wondering what is the best filter in your opinion
  12. Tetraman124

    Can I keep kuhli loach one a higher ph

    Can I keep a kuhli loach in a 7-7.4 ph because I want a bottom feeder for my tank and I have angels that require a harder ph so I thought kuhli loaches would be cool for the kids as well
  13. Tetraman124

    How many in a 29 gallon

    I recently set up a 29 gallon fish tank and pretty heavily planted and want some action in there and decided to go with zebra danios I mean just try and find a more active fish so how many can I put in my 29 gallon
  14. Tetraman124

    What size tank should pea puffers be kept in

    I’m thinking about making a new tank I have a lot of extra plants and mopani wood (sorry I can’t spell) and would like to house some pea puffers so what size tank do I need
  15. Tetraman124

    How to transport corys to store

    So I have some corydoras that I need to take back to my local fish store I don’t have enough room for them in my 29 gallon and wondering how you guys transfer your fish
  16. Tetraman124

    GloFish, your thoughts?

    Hey I just thought this would be a good thread and was wondering what y’all thought about GloFish I think I might know what you guys will say
  17. Tetraman124

    How many black Neon tetras can fit in a 29 gallon

    I have a 29 gallon it’s all cycled and looks amazing with the hard scape and live plants and wondering how many black neons I can fit in there with a bristle nose pleco
  18. Tetraman124

    How do I get corydoras to breed

    I have 5 corydoras in a 29 gallon with some black neons and was wondering how I get them to breed I would really like more of them and have a lot of other tanks to grow them in until I can sell them
  19. Tetraman124

    How to get my black Neon Tetras to stop hiding

    I have a 29 gallon with 2 angelfish and 5 black neons and they always hide the angelfish aren’t paired or breeding and not bullying the tetras so why are they hiding and there’s plenty of live plants
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