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    What's up with my java moss?

    Looks like brown algae. Otto catfish would sort that out easily. Don't think you get it from too much lighting, more like too little lighting/oxygen in the water. Possibly a lot of nutrients as well but not sure on that one. Quite common to get in new tanks as well. Not saying to change...
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    RCS dropping like flies after molting?!

    Maybe they just didn't moult properly?
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    Opinion on this filter

    I have a U3 too, haven't had any problems with it either.
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    "Fancy crab" question

    They will need access to land. You shouldn't really have bought them if you know nothing about them.
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    Can someone ID these shrimp???

    Maybe Yellow Nose Shrimp? Looks quite like them if i'm looking at them right.
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    Would this gravel be ok for a Panda Cory?

    It looks fine to me. The gravel I have for my Panda Cories is smaller as well.
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    Since I'm getting conflicting info- can you guys set me straight on these cutie?

    We can try to ID the third cory if you post a picture of it.
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    Cherry shrimp finally shows itself

    Some of the shrimplets will probably be eaten although some will survive, especially if they hide in java moss.
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    Clip on lights any good?? Need help please

    I have an 11W clip on light on my 25L tank (came with it) which is good. Not sure if a clip on light would be the best choice for a 120L tank though. I read somewhere that for low light plants you would need 1.2 watts per gallon, so for your tank that would be just over 38W going by that. I...
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    10 Gallon Tank GHOST SHRIMP WITH BBG's and Frogs

    No brackish water needed for breeding them, you can do it in Freshwater even though they have a larval stage.
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    What happens when you give your fish cucumber for the first time?

    My shrimp and Otto's ignored it the first time I put it in :l
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    unexpected albino cory

    I think most of the eggs will be eaten by the Tetras unless they are well hidden. The fry aren't too difficult to keep alive (I haven't lost one as far as I know). I think a pH of 6.5-6.8 is ideal but not required, that range is best for breeding. Temperature - somewhere around 23-25C. As...
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    Video of my Pleco Tank

    I agree with Paige, I wouldn't keep any of those fish in that tank, they all get too big.
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    Largest Freshwater Crab!?

    I didn't mean that every crab needed access to land, just the ones I know of in fishkeeping. You could ask your LFS if they know of any or you could go with the next best thing and get a lobster (a different species than you already have).
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    proper way to posistion spray bar?

    I have mine just under the water level but I position it at an angle pointing slightly upwards towards the water level.
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    Largest Freshwater Crab!?

    I don't know if there are any big crabs around for fishkeeping, the ones i've seen are all around the same size (like red clawed crabs and vampire crabs). They all need access to land though. Maybe someone else will know of one.
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    You should start seeing berried females around 1 month after adding them. If you don't know how to sex them then the females are larger and have a darker red colour whereas the males are smaller and a lot less colourful/clear looking. Congrats Paige
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    What kind of eggs are these?

    The females are bigger/plumper/wider and the males are smaller.
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    What kind of eggs are these?

    Looks like your cory wants you to get her a male friend
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    my tiger barbs have ate the tail of the other tiger barb

    I think that if you have say 12 Tiger Barbs then the fin nipping is reduced. The recommended minimum that i've heard for them is 6.
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