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    Cycling a tank with sponge filters

    If I put two cycled sponge filters that were in an established tank for several months into a tank that is just set up, does that mean the tank is cycled?
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    Disinfecting plants with hydrogen peroxide

    Can I use regular hydrogen peroxide in a very diluted solution to disinfect and kill pest eggs? Or does only the h202 work
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    Fly infestation and getting rid of them

    So I was already planning on redoing my tank, but then about a week ago or so I noticed flies moving around between the surface of the water and lid of my tank. I managed to find out that they are either some type of midge fly or drain fly, and a single YouTube video on ways to get rid of them...
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    Greenish blue looking flies?

    Don't know how or why, but when I was feeding the tank tonight, I saw something moving above the water line and on top of the glass. I squashed the two that were above the glass, but there was at least 3-4 more that were visible in the actual tank itself. I have no idea what these are, does...
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    Color variation

    Kind of an odd question, but would white sand with a black background look ok or would that be too blocky looking if that makes sense?
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    Does draining a tank ruin a cycle?

    If I drain one of my currently cycled tanks completely and fill it up with new dechlorinated water, will the tank stay cycled? Or does the bacteria die off that was living in the gravel, filters, wood, and plants?
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    Thinking about redoing tank

    So I wouldn't say I am thinking about completely redoing my 40 breeder community tank, but I guess some severe modifications. I set it up as my first planted tank about 2 months ago or so (here is build thread 40 gallon breeder build | Freshwater Aquarium Builds Forum | 507902 ) and I really...
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    Is this normal?

    So I came down this morning to the basement tank only to see one of my nerites stuck to the lid of the aquarium! It was moving around and I could see it actively pooping so could tell nothing was really wrong, but is this normal behavior for them to go out of the water? Also, is it bad if they...
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    Does flake size matter?

    I have been feeding my tanks the Aqueon brand flakes for a while now, and for some reason the container I got a few weeks ago, all the flakes were very very small, almost to the point of a powdery substance. And since then I feel like some of my bigger fish are having a hard time seeing it...
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    40 gallon breeder build

    So, my tank finally is just about done aside from adding a few more fish which I have already ordered online. Since its finally done, I figured it was time to make a thread about the build. 7/7/21: Tank was purchased at half price at the DPG sale at Petco. Also picked up a stand and glass lid...
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    Sexing Bolivian rams

    I got these two Bolivian rams 5 days ago and am wondering what their sexes are. At first, I thought they were male and female, but now I am wondering if they are both males because I sometimes see one of them pick on the other. I can attach more photos if needed, Thanks! Also, I know 4-5 days...
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    Stocking questions 45 gallon

    Any ideas on what fish I can put in with serpaes and pearls that can withstand the occasional aggression with the serpaes? Also, a little unrelated, but still relevant, has anyone been able to keep amanos successfully with pearls and serpaes? I know cherry shrimp would be a no go but I really...
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    Platy looking really weird

    So, I went to feed my fish this morning and noticed that one of my panda platys was looking almost deformed. I don't know what it is because two days ago when I thoroughly checked to make sure everyone was in the tank before I went away, everyone was looking pristine. All the other fish in the...
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    Help choosing 40g stock

    So I know I already made a thread about what I wanted to do for my 40 breeder tank, but I keep seeing new and different fish that I like and want to put in it. Originally, I was going to have this: 3 pearl gourami (1m, 2f) 15 harlequin rasboras 4 endlers livebearer (1m, 3f) 4-5 otocinclus 10...
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    Cherry or amano shrimp

    My 40 gallon breeder is currently going through the cycling process and I am trying to plan out the stocking. Originally, I was going to have 3 pearl gourami, 15 Harlequin Rasbora, 2 Bolivians, 15 cherry shrimp, and then later one adding otocinclus if needed. When I planned this out, I knew that...
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    Amounts of plants?

    I recently got a 40 gallon breeder and have started to set it up with the CaribSea Eco-complete along with root tabs. I have some experience with live plants but I am unsure of the amount that I should buy. What I mean by that is I know what plants I want to get, but I don't know if I should buy...
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    40g breeder appropriate stocking?

    I recently set up a 40 gallon breeder tank with live plants with no co2. It is still cycling right now so they are no fish in it. I have been researching a lot and have found a lot of mixed information about what fish should and should not live in a tank this size as well as if these fish are...
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    Dead guppy

    Earlier today, I noticed that one of my guppies was missing when I went to feed my 37 gallon tank. When I found it, it was ripped in half with the tail completely gone as well as the eyes. The flesh was all torn and floating around it. I really don't know what could have happened to it. As far...
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    Lights for 20 gallon long aquarium

    Hi, does anyone know of any good aquarium lights for a 20 gallon long that also aren't too expensive?
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    20 gallon long stocking options?

    Hi, I am thinking of getting another 20 gallon long live planted tank and I am kind of stuck on what to put in it. I definitely want to have cherry shrimp in the tank, but I have seen very mixed opinions on what fish are compatible with them. So, what I was thinking was: 10 cherry shrimp 3...
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