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    Rare Cories

    Sorry if you clicked this thinking I had some rare cories I've searched a couple of times now on Google and haven't had that much luck. I'm not so much interested in the C numbers, more the ones that have proper names. I just want to know the names of some rare/uncommon cories so I can...
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    What would work?

    I've wanted to keep a crayfish for ages so I would like to put 1 or 2 if possible in a 6.3/6.6G hex tank. However I don't know what species of crayfish would be suitable for this (if any). I'd like to put a pair in there if I could but one would be fine if I couldn't. Assuming it would...
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    Sponge Filter and substrates to use?

    I'm considering buying a sponge filter for a spare tank I have. The tank is hexagonal and I think is around 31-33 litres but i'm not sure, I'll have to check the dimensions. I bought it for £5. I want to know... -If this sponge filter would work in this tank - -What the best substrate to...
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    What are they?

    Hi, When I looked at my 25L tank today, I found a lot of white dots on the inside of the glass. I looked closer and found out that they were moving, sort of slug like things. Can anyone tell me what they are? Are they harmful in any way to the tank/shrimp? How do I get rid of them...
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    Sulawesi Starry Night Shrimp

    I saw some of these shrimp in an LFS yesterday and couldn't find much info on them. Does anyone have any info on them like their water parameters etc? Thanks!
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    Feeding Shrimp pellets a couple times daily

    At the moment I am feeding my CRS a couple of shrimp pellets daily (Tetra Crusta Menu). Is this enough/too much? They probably eat algae off the plants as well. Should I feed them less? Should they be fed daily or what? Thanks.
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    Aborted Pregnancy

    Hi, Not long after I put one of my Balloon Mollies into a breeding trap, I counted 28 eggs in there, assuming that she has aborted the pregnancy due to stress. Is there a specific way to minimize the stress to the fish when moving them into the breeding trap? Also, is there any chance that...
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    Shrimp Tankmates

    Hi, Other than Neon Tetra's and Otto's, what other small fish can be kept with shrimp such as RCS/CRS/Tigers? Can Panda Cories or Balloon Molly fry be kept with them? Thanks
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    Breeding Trap help needed

    Hi, I bought this breeding trap today: I'm going to use it for my Balloon Mollies that are pregnant but it does not come with any hooks or suction cups to connect it to the back of the tank, which is where i'd like it to be. Can anyone suggest anything I can make to attach it to that...
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    Balloon Molly: Heavily pregnant?

    Hi I'm pretty sure that this balloon molly is pregnant but it seems to have been pregnant for a long time. Recently she has got bigger though. Can anyone tell me if she is heavily pregnant and due to give birth soon? Or if it's something else.. Thanks
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    Seasonal spawning?

    Do cories (in particular Panda's) have certain times of the year for spawning or is it all year round? I've had eggs from mine every week for the last month. Thanks!
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    Hillstream Loach Gender?

    Can anyone tell me if my (Gold Ring) Hillstream Loach is a male or a female? Thanks.
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    Cory Eggs

    How can I tell how many days the eggs have been there? What colour should they be when they are close to hatching? In my tank I have some that are white and some that look slightly see through. Thanks
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