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    55 gallon w two oscars..

    So my sister’s boyfriends uncle is giving me his 55 gallon tank (for free I think, which is a steal!!) but I was just informed it comes with their two fully grown oscars… yikes. Not sure what to do with them though, do I sell them? Gift them to a petsmart/co? feeling a little lost. Thanks for...
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    Bad stocking for 20 gallon?

    So this is just a possibility, but I may have convinced my dad to get a 20 gal to replace my 10. In the 10 I have, 2 harlequin rasboras 2 lambchop rasboras 1 betta I know the stocking is weird, It was my first tank and I did not do proper research. But, would this work for the 20? 5 harlequin...
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    Pineconing or no?

    In your opinion, does this fish look like she is pineconing? She got over dropsy like a month ago and I may be over thinking it but if like to hear someone else’s opinion :) (Sorry for bad pic, this tank is under a shelf layer and it’s hard to get a good look)
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    Brother did some decorating

    So, I got home after being at my dads for 4 days. Mom told me my little brother did some “decorating” in my tank… again. This time he dropped a stick of selenite AND some pliers (both of which are ruined). They have been in the tank since yesterday, it’s a 5.5 gallon. Stocking is a betta and a...
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    Opinions on aloe in tanks?

    I’ve seen a lot of water conditioner that have aloe Vera as an ingredient, Including the one I’m using right now. Some sites say it is beneficial, but some say aloe is very toxic to fish. What do you think/know?
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    What to do with 2.5 gallon

    So, my little sisters betta passed last night. I assume it was severe bloating, which had happened while I was sick and my stepdad was caring for her. But, now the 2.5 gallon (I did not pick this for her..) is empty. I’m still trying to decide between keeping my terrestrial snails in there or...
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    Beginner years?

    This may sound weird, but how many fish did you kill in your beginner years? I’m starting to think I suck at this…. I’ve had two things die in the past three nights. Feeling very bummed out.
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    Stocking for 7.5 gal?

    So I did have 1 adf and 1 betta, but my betta got dropsy so I treated with kanaplex… turns out adf’s can’t tolerate kanaplex. So now I have a 7.5 gallon cube with a very docile female betta. I may end up getting more frogs, but hearing some other options could be cool. Any ideas? (betta is good...
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    Selenite in water - Urgent!

    My 1 year old brother came up to my room while I was downstairs. When I came back up and looked at my tank I saw he had dropped a stick of selenite into my 5.5 gallon. It was probably in there for 3-5 minutes. I removed it. And if I could move him to a different tank.. I would. But I’m out of...
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    Color changing with dropsy?

    My betta has been pineconing for around 2 weeks now, I’ve been doing epsom soaks and waiting for the antibiotics to get shipped in. It’s taking FOREVER so I figured she was a goner. But she’s still very active besides the pineconing. She’s lost a lot of colors like the red and blue but around...
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    Nitrite readings? +

    I have a few questions. I moved my betta back into his 5gal after an ammonia issue. He was doing good, but he started to lay at the bottom. I tested my water, but while testing it I accidentally knocked over the bottle of ammonia #1. It only spilled like a drop but I am still a little worried...
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    Rescape.. again.

    So I recently moved my betta due to an ammonia issue in his tank. I figured while he was out I could rearrange some things. Turns out wisteria grows great in my water, and had grown way too tall for the way my scape was done. I think I like it, but I may get bored of it after a few months lol. I...
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    Rotala indica?

    I bought what was labeled as Rotala indica today. But when I Google Rotala indica what seems like 2 different plants come up? Which one is it.. or is there something I’m missing? (I got the reddish one) (Ps.. same goes for Rotala rotundifolia)
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    Insane parameters and cloudy water

    this tank has been established for months. But around 2 weeks ago I started having high readings of ammonia. the only source I could think of was that I couldn’t do a water change that week. I looked at it my tank this morning and the water is very Cloudy, so I tested it this morning and here’s...
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    Ugh so many problems.

    Just got home from a 6 day vacation. Checked my tanks, everyone is alive. Then I looked closer at my new betta and she is swollen and pineconing. Trying to find Epsom salts Rn. That tanks parameters are- Ammonia: 0ppm Nitrate: 10-20 ppm Nitrite: 0.25.. there’s my problem. Then I checked my...
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    Dark mode???

    I’ve had fishlore on darkmode, but I opened it up a few minutes ago and it is light mode. No big deal, I went to change it and the option is gone. I can screenshot it if you need me to.. maybe I’m overlooking something??
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    Terrestrial snail

    Found this little guy yesterday, setting up my 3gal for him soon! Anyone else keep snails?
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    Parameters are yikes…

    P.s, this is not really a question, but I will take tips on keeping healthy tank parameters. So last week I missed my water change because I was out of conditioner. I got the conditioner today and did my usual 25% water change. But my betta seemed lethargic and my water still looked a little...
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    Weird bug on plants

    So I was looking at my frogbit and noticed a brown speck, then the more I looked around the more I saw. I can see about five of them… anyone know what these are? And should I be worried? None of them are underwater.
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    ADF behavior +1

    this is actually 2 questions, hence the +1 lol. so, #1 I was about to feed my African dwarf frog, and was looking around for him. I didn’t find him for a while… until I saw a little foot peek out from my filter. He had swam up into a little empty space in the filter (has no suction) I lifted...
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