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    My roommate brought this home for his saltwater tank this week... Creepy.

    Its an Arrow Crab... It looks like a huge creepy spider! Am I the only one who thinks so?
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    Cory ID please?

    9 months ago I bought 3 corydora trilineatus (false julii) for my newly cycled 29 gallon from an lfs I hadn't used before with the intention of getting 3 more the next week. Once they were out of the bag in my tank and their color returned I noticed one was twice the size of the other 2 and was...
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    Adding sand to an established community tank with gravel

    My 29 gallon community planted tank has been up and running for almost a year now with black painted aquarium gravel. I would love to have black sand in my tank for my corys, but my problem is all of my plants and baby crs. I tried to rearrange my tank when I got a new piece of driftwood a few...
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    What is happening to my fish tanks?! Please help!

    Between my roommate and I, we have 4 tanks in our apartment: 15 gal reef, 29 gal reef, 29 gallon freshwater, and a 55 gal freshwater. They are all in different rooms. Until this morning, they were all healthy and I had just taken water samples of all tanks to be tested at my lfs on Sunday to...
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    Betta fish in my 29 gallon community tank?

    So I've had my 29 gal tank up and cycled for 10 months with rocks, driftwood and live plants, 3 danios and a handful of cherry red shrimp waiting for it to mature and stabilize itself enough to have a pair of German blue rams. A couple weeks ago I bought a beautiful (and expensive) pair and was...
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    Dead German blue ram and tankmates

    I have been keeping freshwater aquariums for over 10 years now and started my 29 gallon up again 9 months ago. I cycled completely in 3 weeks with ammonia and it has been running with 4 zebra danio and 5 cherry shrimp as well as various live plants to keep the bacteria alive. I test my tank with...
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    Is there a place I can get tannin free or low tannin driftwood?

    I have decided a pleco is going to have to be a must in my tank due to the amount of rocks and plants in my 29 gallon (cycled for 3 weeks) and brown algae is starting to grow on every surface... I just don't have the time to do that much hand cleaning so often. Anyway, in order to keep the...
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