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    Shrimp changing color

    I got 3 shrimp a couple days ago a blue one a red one and a clear one with black on top. Now the black is turning blue and is now identical to the blue one is this normal?
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    Im thinking abought beeding guppies

    I'm in need of money and willing wait for the money to start coming in. I have a 10g and breeder boxes already. I've had success for the breeding of my guppies but I'm thinking a ought buying these purple deltas and is that a good idea? If not any other ideas on how to make money i can't get a...
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    Can dwarf shrimp be kept with angels

    i got a 10g rn but im hoping to move to a 29 before the end of the year. in that tank im gonna put a angel. i plan on rather heavy plants so i was just wondring if i can carry my 3 shrimp over. if i can it can help contribute to my essay im wright to get the tank,50 pages so i if i can extend it...
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    10 Gallon Tank Forced to do 100% waterchange here's why.

    I was gone for the last 5 weeks due to my dad geting covid and then it was my moms vaca time. I was able to go over there yesterday and this is what I saw... It was so bad... I sifted BY HAND and picked almost 200 trumpet snails it was so bad. My mystery snail died and they LEFT THE SHELL AND...
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    So is this a okay substrate?

    info: we live nere a sand refinery and they also refine glass for use in sandblasting. im gonna use Black Dimond blasting sand as a substrate for the tank im planning on getting hopefully before next year. im gonna use Black Dimond cause 1. if $10 for 50 pounds at tsc,2. its super deeply cleened...
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    How to get rid on Malaysian trumpets

    my tank is just over run. i can look for assasian snails but id have to get them online unfortunately. last time a tank got over ran it was a diffrent non pest species and we got a crab to take care of them. it was 2in and it was glo pink(i was 11) i have no idea what type it was but one day it...
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    Ideas for plant stocking in a 29g

    i dont know many plant types but im sure abought some things i realy realy want bruse plants, and giant hairgrass. i got a anubias nana im gonna cary over and one mystery plant that has flourished(doubled size in 6 months and never had a dead leaf) in a plane gravel substrate with no...
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    Cant choose pleco + more

    so ive in the last half hour made a real deep dive in L plecos. i am yet to set 29 (or 34 if i can talk parents into it) gallon tank and i would like a small pleco. ive came scros some that abosultly caught my eye. i cant afford a zebra pleco so ill setle for a l-114 or 134. i love there bright...
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    Tips on prevention of angelfish breeding

    in the (hopfully) forseeabule future im gonna get 2 angels. I would go for one but thats the last thing i wanna do. Im gonna order 2 online and there a 50% chance they will be opposite sex 25% m/f 25%f/m. do to reasons i can not have fry. im not even sure my step mom will let me get the tank...
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    Bb plant growing on another plant

    Cams not the best but the image sums it up what do i do i wanna keep it but idk if it can be separated wile that little
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    So my mystery snail died i think

    I say i think because im not there. im staying with my mom cause my dad and step mom got covid. i called them and they say my snail is dead. he was acting funny when i last saw him he would float for a few hours so i did a couple large water changes that week i tryed to put him on the substrate...
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    Just how to co2

    ive looked at many examples and i read the responces about co2 systems and i just dont understand them. i may want to have one in my 29 i want to set up but i need to understand the actualls components(my undstanding in most detail possible is : co2 in bottle its run into tank to help plants)...
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    Can the marbling gene start on the head and this late?

    my betta is abought a year and 3/4ish old, i say this because he was physically bigger that the ones at PetSmart(i got him from a lfs that got a shipment from a local breeder a few days earler), when i got him he eseally looked a over a year old and so did all the others, super well developed...
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    Normal guppie behavior or luck?

    I have a female guppies and one male gupp that's full grown with the rest ranging in the juvenile range. I raised the female my self and is the oldest she was raised with mixed sizes. When she went to the rest of the tank she agusted amazingly. Now she is having fry. Only one at a time bu her...
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    Help, floating snail

    Tank What is the water volume of the tank? How long has the tank been running? Does it have a filter? Yes Does it have a heater?yes What is the water temperature?78 What is the entire stocking of this tank? (Please list all fish and inverts.) Myster snail. Mutipul guppies.mlasia trumpet snails...
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    New cat, new friend

    this happens 5min ago. I was getting my cat smokey, she's siamiese, back in the house cause its night she's 3 pounds(we can't get her to gain weight , we feede her 2 wet foods morning and night and have dry out constantly) we got here parly declawed so I really don't like her being outside...
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    My very dumb/lazy mystery snail.

    i have a dumb mystery snail. he dose this thing where once hes somewhere he dont like/too lazy to get down from, like the underside of the breederbox, top of the tank,the filter.he just lets go. he may be lazy but hes always zooming around the tank, my dad called me up one day just to say he...
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    Betta with nerite

    I don't have any experience with invertebrates, other than snails, I may be getting so cherry shrimp and see if my betta will be too unhappy, he didn't like the neons, but LOVES the nairite
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    Guppy problem/disappearing guppy

    Imma be dicising 2 thing 1. My guppy had a mystery disease(over 4 months ago but it was SO weird im still curious.) 2. This same guppy vanished! 1. this is from when I was very stupid, i had 13 guppies in a 1.5 gal cube( my parents would not let me set up the 10g i brought from my grand...
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    50 page essay, for a 29g, help...

    So my parents as I were talking abought the 29 im abought to get in the foreseeable future. they had 2 requirements: 1. maintain your current tank with no hiccups(ie. fish death, inlesses, or anything wrong, I got guppies, guppies have short lifespans) 2. write a 50 page essay(!!!) on...
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