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  1. aoiumi

    Three unknown plants (Probable crypt, two unknowns. One with some pink coloring.)

    Hello! I got these three plants from my local pet store the other day, and uh... As much as they might be the only store in... I actually think about 40 miles that sells fish, they really don't know much about aquariums. Any ideas what these are? First image is them laid out on a plastic lid...
  2. aoiumi

    Where are all the tanks?

    I couldn't find another forum for this so I'm just posting it here. Does anyone know why there's such a shortage on tanks in America? I'm trying to build a fish room and decided to look up tanks online, but I can only find them very rarely. When I called my local petco, they said that they...
  3. aoiumi

    Supplies for a fish room (breeding fish)

    Right now, I have one fish tank (A betta, whom I love,) with very little in the way of 'supplies' beyond the bare minimum for that single fish tank - the siphon, a few buckets, food, conditioner, etc. It's just a basic setup, with everything shoved ina couple boxes in the corner of the room...
  4. aoiumi

    Story time - My Family is Insane

    ...In the absolute best way possible. So. For context. I, like many 18-year-olds, have a bit of a career crisis, in that I... don't really know what I want to do for a career. Today, after a few minutes of pretty cool conversation, I admitted that one of my pipe dreams was to try fish breeding...
  5. aoiumi

    Moral quandary - impossible-to-maintain-tank

    A little bit of backstory: My family has 'kept' fish for 5 years or so, in that someone would buy a bag of feeder goldfish, dump them in a tank, and watch them swim around until they 'mysteriously died.' Water changes are few and far between. About a year ago, I decided I wanted a betta and...
  6. aoiumi

    Bladder and ranshorn snails - how many do you end up killing?

    Now, I really do love my snails - they help control algae, and they break down waste a bit. But there's just. So. Many of them. Every time I do a water change I end up sending half a dozen to their deaths in my plant pots. Do any of you have tricks for avoiding this? Or is snail murder just a...
  7. aoiumi

    29 Gallon Tank 29 gallon stocking ideas? Possible Walstad

    Hi everyone! I haven't been on in a while, but I'm getting a 29 gallon tank sometime in the next two months. Right now I have one 10 gallon tank, (Felicity, my wonderful blind betta) but don't know a lot about other fish types. I was wondering what stocking suggestions anyone might have? I'm...
  8. aoiumi

    New betta!

    I also have a thread about this tank, (10 gal Nano Betta Tank Journal | Freshwater Aquarium Builds 442137) but I just got a betta today and wanted to announce it! His name is Felicity, meaning joy. My trend in betta names seems to be what I want for them. He's got a little black around his...
  9. aoiumi

    Land snake discussion + possible forums?

    I'm finding myself really interested in snakes. Does anyone on here want to talk about snakes/know of a good/active snake forum? I've yet to stumble across any but that might just be bad luck. What's your favorite snake? What do you have/how many? I don't know a lot yet but I'm finding I...
  10. aoiumi

    Theoretical native New England biotope pond.

    I live in Maine and am thinking of setting up a small pond in my garden this summer if I have the time and money. It would be very small for a pond. I'd have to look at the planned area again but I'd guess about 2 feet X 4 feet wide, and about a foot deep. It would be primarily for a waterfall...
  11. aoiumi

    What type of moss is this?

    So I found a moss growing aquatically outside the other day. What type of moss is it? Could it grow underwater forever? If I bleach dipped it could I add it to my 78 f tank? I think it's really awesome that I found an aquatic moss in my own backyard. I doubt it would work in a warm tank b/c it...
  12. aoiumi

    How to tell bladder from pond snail?

    How do people tell bladder from pond snails? I have some in my tank rn, (a good part of the clean-up crew,) but I don't actually know which one they are. How can I tell? (No pics right now because it's late and I don't have my camera near me.)
  13. aoiumi

    Any good cheap light for a low/medium light planted tank?

    Are there any good lights for a low/medium light planted tank, that are less than 50$ or so, or do I need to surrender to having a horrid hodge-podge of lights to get anything near what I want for my tank? Tank is 10 gal 20x10x12 or so, I might be off by an inch or so for width and height...
  14. aoiumi

    Beech leaves for tannins?

    So, it's not quite a question about my actually water, but it is related. I've seen some people mention using beech leaves for tannins and/or leaf litter in their tanks. Does this actually work? I would like a blackwater setup, but IAL seem way too much to spend just for some leaf litter in my...
  15. aoiumi

    10 Gallon Tank 10 gal - Betta or cory first?

    So, I'm setting up a 10 gal with a betta and a small school of cories. I'm going to wait until the tank has fully cycled to add anything but: Which should I add first? The cories want a well-established aquarium, but people say add the betta last so he's less likely to attack anything.
  16. aoiumi

    10 Gallon Tank Betta in 10 gal with Chili rasboras OR red dwarf rasboras OR ember tetras OR pygmy cories

    So I've been doing a lot of thinking about what to put in my ten gal tank. I'm going to have a betta and a lot of plants, in the 78-80 range for temp. I'm not worried about filtration or aggression, (lots of biomedia/willingness to change lots of water and a spare 5.5 gal respectively,) so who...
  17. aoiumi

    10 Gallon Tank 10 gal - Ember Tetras?

    Hi! I have a 10 gal aquarium and am thinking of getting some small schooling fish in it. I'm planning on it being a betta tank but I can move him if he doesn't get along. Would ember tetras be a good fit? If so, does anyone have good care advice? Are they nippy? What food do they like?
  18. aoiumi

    10 Gallon Tank Schooling fish with Betta

    Hi! I'm still in the planning stage right now, and have a 10 gallon (37 liter) aquarium set up for a betta. I'm planning on keeping the tank in the 78-79f range, but the tank might get hotter in the summer if I'm not extra careful. What schooling fish could I keep in here? I've been looking at...
  19. aoiumi

    Can I remove a poll from a thread?

    Or do I just need to make a new thread?
  20. aoiumi

    How do I reseal an aquarium?

    I have a 10 gal with leaky silicone. I tried researching but I found a lot of conflicting information. Can anyone give me a rundown of how to reseal an aquarium, or a link to a guide to how to?
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