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  1. Dobert

    What is my CPD suffering from?

    Hi all, So I got myself CPD-s and one of them is separate from the group, doesn't eat and looks definitely sick. Do you have ideas what can be wrong with this little fellow? I keep him in the aquarium so far but I doubt he'll be alive tomorrow. Any advices appreciated.
  2. Dobert

    Sick celestial pearl danios?

    I also had impression I saw CPDs- like that before, in a completely different store. That got me thinking maybe that's how they look like...
  3. Dobert

    Sick celestial pearl danios?

    Thank you, that is what I thought but I got confused that all of them look like this
  4. Dobert

    Sick celestial pearl danios?

    Hi all, I went to the LFS yesterday and saw suspicious looking galaxy rasboras. Does anyone have a clue why are they so "hunchbacked"? It is not just one specimen, all of them look like this: Are they sick or hungry or something else? Will they look more like this when they grow up? Mod...
  5. Dobert

    Can i add a fish without quarantine ?

    in practice you will quarantine them :) the only risk is that if you need to cure for anything then you will use more of medicine since you dose them per gallon/liter of water. Dedicated quarantine aquariums are usually smaller than the main tank so less medicine goes for the treatment
  6. Dobert

    My first tank

    Hi! Thanks for sharing picture in the welcome post, nice aquariums
  7. Dobert

    Can cholla cause an ammonia spike?

    Thanks for sharing the story, i learned something important today!
  8. Dobert

    Is scotch super glue aquarium safe?

    what a day you had! as for the glue, usually they recommend glue that contains only cyanoacrylate (i.e. gorilla) while scotch has additionally PMMA (aquarium safe) and traces of hydroquinone which I know nothing about. But you need it for lid so I'd use it
  9. Dobert

    Show off your fish tank!

    what I'm sure about is that you care for your fish good as there is a water conditioner and safestart on the shelf below :)
  10. Dobert

    20 gallon Aquarium stocking

    You may double your neon tetras and corys to end up with 12 and 10 correspondingly. Both species are social and like to live in bigger groups. One inch of fish per gallon of water rule is sort of an indication but not perfect in your case. You have social fish and tetras occupying top/mid...
  11. Dobert

    Carpeting plant for tank with sand

    check out those: Echinodorus tenellus Eleocharis Parvula Sagittaria subulata Marsilea Crenata/Marsilea Hirsuta they should be fine with low/mid light and no co2 but still i'd recommend some root tabs
  12. Dobert

    5 Gallon Tank New~!

    Hi and welcome! Good idea with live plants, your future shrimp will appreciate them :)
  13. Dobert

    How much is too much water change

    How I would do it: Change 50% once and see if nitrates went down. If next day still above safe levels (50mg/l) change again. If around 20 mg/l then see if I can extend the water change interval By the way, think if you can add some floating plants, they tend to lower nitrates
  14. Dobert

    Safe method to create holes in tupperware lid

    No it will not. Of course do it in a somehow ventilated area but amount of smoke you'll get out of the process is close to nothing. Just prepare a glass of water so you can quickly cool the screwdriver tip after you are done with using it and be careful don't burn yourself please Use a gas...
  15. Dobert

    Stem Plant Questions!!!

    To answer second part of your question bacopa isn't primarily a root feeder but ludwigia and rotala are. I'm curious what others will say about those rotting stems
  16. Dobert

    55 Gallon Tank Stocking Ideas for a 55 gal

    Welcome to Fishlore! You are going to have a very nice set of fish . Not overstocked for sure. Even better! Go for total 10 danios and 6 corys as both are a schooling species and should be kept in bigger groups. You will have more pleasure observing their behavior and still your 55g will not...
  17. Dobert

    Do I have too much in my tank?

    very good news! last time I forgot to mention that you have a very pleasant aquarium and nice set of fish
  18. Dobert

    Do I have too much in my tank?

    strange behavior of those danios as it is usually very active species. Seems like they are stressed. Is it possible to add some floating plants or dim the light (i.e by putting a tape over half of the LED-s) to see if it will encourage them? removing hideouts will make them stressed even more...
  19. Dobert

    20 Gallon Tank Orange-brown spots on my ornaments

    if in few days your aquarium will look like below then it's start of brown algae. Pretty normal in freshly setup fish tanks
  20. Dobert

    Back compartment filter issues

    Interesting solution with this built in filter. I only saw one very shaky YT film how it looks like from the back so need to do a bit guessing how your fish got over the intake but... would it help to get a filter foam that comes in 50x50cm sheets and cut in a shape bigger than original...
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