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    Fall has fallen.

    It was a nice fall day and the family and I did several yard projects. After those were done, I walked around both my and my parents property and took some pictures. As some of you know, we have 4 separate sets of muskedine vines, that we use for both wine and preserve making. Two things I...
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    Rainbow Cupcakes

    So this is how we spent the rainy afternoon. Working on a recipe for doing this for the Gathering. I will get a better shot, as we eat the rest of them tomorrow.
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    Math Test, well sorta

    I have seen this done on other boards, but do not believe I have seen it here recently. To keep it simple, only do this in 1 year increments. How much experience do we have here on site? If the next poster would state how long they have been keeping fish and then add the previous number...
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    Keeping busy.

    As many of you know, my family and I are constantly doing projects. For the last month of so, we have been canning. We have made three different heat level salsas. Both regular and heated pickles !! These are amazing. Very similar to Wickles, which are produced commercially...
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    June 2013 The Gathering! Update

    Things are going well. Work has started on the roof, which is my main concern. The menu is going to be insane. I am planning on taking the week before off, so that I will have time to get everything perfect. Just wanted everyone to know, we are still GO!
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    More spider news! New eyeless huntsman species discovered!
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    Anyone else planning on watching the Perseids this weekend?

    I am planing a trip up into the mountains and hope to get some decent photography early Sunday morning. Anybody else plan on staying up late/getting up early for this?
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    Your little part of the universe.

    While reading "Dreadnought" a steam punk novel this afternoon I ran across a passage that gave me pause. ( Second in a series by Cherie Priest, I highly recommend them all). While traveling from her job as a nurse in Richmond Virginia to see her dying father in the Washington Territories, the...
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    Picked up some Rocks

    As some of you know, my parents and I used to own a business that sold rocks, minerals, jewelry, and other natural items. The bulk of our stock came from a wholesale show held in Franklin North Carolina several times a year. While we no longer have access to the wholesale portion, there is also...
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    Pink Water Lily

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    Yellow water lily

    Just thought I would share a pic of one of my favorite water lilies that I have here.
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    From the deep dark jungles of North Carolina, Mason's Ruby and Sapphire Mine

    Soooo, we loaded up yesterday morning at 5am to go sapphire mining at Mason's Ruby and Sapphire Mine in Franklin, North Carolina. Both my parents and I have mined in a natural setting, while my aunt and her two kids, ( Lil Bit and Lego boy) have only mined with salted (material added) buckets...
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    Thoughts and prayers please.

    My cousin Ruthie has been diagnosed with stage 3 lymphatic cancer. Prognosis is not good. Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated.
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    Klingon Tooth Fairy

    As most of you know, once I am finished with my tour here on Earth ( 12/10/2034, mark your calendars!), after a short vacation, my next assignment is becoming the Klingon Tooth Fairy. Above is the final uniform design as rendered by Chris Goins who is a person friend and has allowed me full...
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    MORE Spiders

    Interesting article about black widow spiders being displaced by brown widows, ( a much lesser known species) which are being found in the normal habitat of the first species.
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    Bowl of water outside.

    Butterfly and several other folks I know have been posting on Facebook about this and I thought I would share it here. If you are in an area that is experiencing extreme heat, please place some water outside for wildlife. Thankfully, I have all kinds of outside water here. I have been...
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    Picture of Dino as a young fry.

    See, I told you my parents should have put me in show biz!
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    Hammered by the heat!

    Tomorrow it is expected the break the all time high temperature for Chattanooga. Anybody else getting hammered? Expected temp will be 107F.
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    As some of you know I also dabble in daylilies. Since this is prime blooming season, I thought I would share a few pictures. One of the spider types. Another spider. New variety with newly introduced frilled petal gene. Variety "Smith Brothers" Variety " Burning Embers" Hope you enjoy!
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    M ansd D's Big Adventure!

    M and D's Big Adventure! So mmolitor87 and I got together this morning at the Ripley's Aquarium of the Smokies! M was in state for a wedding ( not his!) and we had worked out getting together and going to the aquarium while he was in state. Note- I am the biped on the left. Don't...
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