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  1. AnoobIA

    At least 5% of my leaves from plants and floaters are yellow

    My planted tank is 3 months old and heavily planted, there are floaters as well. my substrate is fluval stratum and lights are on 8hrs a day. Never had an algae problem yet which tells me there’s so much plants that it’s out competing them algae. all my plants aren’t yellow but very very few...
  2. AnoobIA

    10 Gallon Tank [Springtails] Can I feed guppies these critters?

    Just wondering since I’m culturing them
  3. AnoobIA

    What is this?

    can anyone help me identify the plant in the middle? It’s the one with the red or green, long and really thin leaf. this plant is supposed to be red but my tank is low-mid light and no co2. I got this plant as part of a package deal from a Facebook seller, he had an overgrown tank and bought...
  4. AnoobIA

    Guppy death?

    So my guppy died but I don’t know why. He started getting the shimmies so I quickly set up a quarantine tank. I changed the water twice a day since it was not cycled. I added nitrifying bacteria from a bottle and got a new sponge filter running on it. I placed a small internal filter and got...
  5. AnoobIA

    Why can’t we do 100% water change?

    This question is more of a theoretical standpoint. I don’t actually do 100% waterchange. it is know throughout the hobby that doing waterchange for more than 50% is a no no because it can harm the beneficial bacteria. but doesn’t the bacteria livemostly on the surface anyway and not in the...
  6. AnoobIA

    Male guppies dead others have split tails, endlers harassment?

    So one of my guppies are dead, the other guppy with the orange tail has its fin split and nipped. When I started adding livestock in my tank the first live stock I’ve put in it are 3 amanos, 3 endless and 3 assassin snails less than 2 weeks later, I put 3 blue guppies, one with an orange tail...
  7. AnoobIA

    10 Gallon Tank What is this? (Copepod eggs???)

    I’ve seen these eggs since I’ve started cycling my tank but I’ve never seen them on my water lettuce roots before. I think I’ve seen my Amano shrimp eat them.
  8. AnoobIA


    My Amano shrimp are pink!! I'm new to fish keeping so I don't have enough experience to accurately assess if they are actually sick or not. I fed them some bloodworms so I know its quite possible it is from the food they eat. Another possibility that I am worried about is the possibility...
  9. AnoobIA

    10 Gallon Tank Detritus Worms in a cycling tank

    So my tank is in the middle of cycling, it is in the process of building up the 2nd bacteria population and nitrites right now are decreasing. Tank is heavily planted and substrate is fluval stratum, I have pond snails and bladder snails, I'm thinking of keeping them to challenge me in balancing...
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