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  1. SterSter

    SterSter's Aquascapes and Fish

    Hello my people! First I would like to say Thank You to everyone on this community! Without everyone here I wouldn't have discovered how much beauty, joy, and fun this hobby really is! If I hadn't stumbled upon this forum and met all you wonderful people I might have been still impulse buying...
  2. SterSter

    10 Gallon Tank My Nano Desktop Tank: A Shrimpy Aquascape Journey

    6/27/2021 Hello everybody! After careful planning to convince my mom to let me get more aquariums (getting one spontaneously from the store and having her deal with it) I am now finally able to get to work on my desktop tank! I have created a rough sketch of what I want the scape to look like...
  3. SterSter

    Wild or Fancy

    My first poll decided whether or not I should get a betta or not (unanimous yes). Now I am deciding the type of betta I should get. WILD or FANCY. Whichever gets the most votes I will make another poll for which variation of the betta type I should get. YOU GUYS DECIDE! Thanks a bunch!
  4. SterSter

    30 Gallon Tank From Rags to Riches... A 30g journey

    Before I indulge you all in the plans currently let me tell you from the beginning the story of my 30g aquarium... Prologue: A new Beginning I was a young lad at the time (I still am) when I acquired this 30g. The year was 2016 I was 11 at the time. I was visiting my mom’s friend with my mom...
  5. SterSter

    Should I get a betta...

    I am deciding if I should get a betta. Say whether or not I should get a beta and if majority says I should I’ll attempt to convince my mummy to allow me to have one. Betta would be in own 5G tank with plants and stuff.
  6. SterSter

    30g... am I overstocked?

    Hello everyone, Just wondering if my tank that I am running is currently overstocked. I’ve had a history of just slapping any fish I like into one aquarium. I’m trying my best now to make life better for my fishy friends. Here are the measurements of my tank... 30”L, 12”W, 18.5”H The fish I...
  7. SterSter

    Should I get my Honey Gourami a GF?

    Hello everyone! I have 2 male Honey Gouramis in my 29g community tank. Recently after turning down the flow of my sponge filter I’ve seen “Golden Experience” my Honey Gourami making a super large bubble nest. He repairs it and guards it every so often, taking breaks every once in a while to...
  8. SterSter

    How to breed Brine Shrimp

    Hello everyone! Just wondering how to keep a brine shrimp colony going (if it is possible). Kind of like how you can keep a daphnia culture going or infusoria culture going. I don’t want to have to go to the store for new brine shrimp eggs all the time heh. Any advice all advice helps Thanks
  9. SterSter

    29 galllon stocking

    Hey everyone, I have a 29 gallon aquarium (30" long, 18.5" tall, and 12"wide). It currently has 6 rummynose tetra, 2 honey gouramis, 4 pygmy cories, 4 baby guppies, 5 cherry shrimp, and 1 bristle nose pleco. I would like to add some more shrimp and pygmy cories but I'm not sure if my tank is...
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