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  1. Chris87

    Fish randomly dying

    I had 2 apistos and they were fine until the female died after a water change and yesterday I did another water change and the male seemed fine and I woke up to find the male dead I have no idea why they died all the fish in that tank have been through quarantine. water parameters are ammonia-0...
  2. Chris87

    Is a tiny bit of soap bad.

    I had a tiny bit of soap on my hands and was trimming my plants and I noticed my other hand had soap on it. I did a 90% water change and added carbon to my filter all my fish seem to be acting fine and my rummynose tetras still have the red spot one their head. Do you think this is anything to...
  3. Chris87

    Suction cups smell like plastic.

    I got airline suction cups for coralling floating plants and they smell like plastic I am worried it might leach something into the water that is harmful to my shrimp. Shrimp
  4. Chris87

    Rosy barbs in pond?

    I want to get rosy barbs for my pond that gets about 5-8 hours of sun a day and is 145 gallons. Do you think they would do fine during the winter (I am in zone 7) Where I live it the air temp usually does not get below 20 degrees. I like rosy barbs the best but If that doesn't work I was...
  5. Chris87

    Sneaker male or female

    I got 2 apisto orange flashes yesterday I am certain the other is a male but I guessing this is a female what do you think.
  6. Chris87

    Pea puffer parasite?

    I got a pair of pea puffers 6 months ago 1 month in one of them got a black bump on its head They are not fighting with any other fish they are in a 10 gallon with a rainbow goby and 4 amano shrimp. They were not de wormed at the fish store. The other one has some sand sized back bumps too. If...
  7. Chris87

    Aquarium lids

    Does anyone know where you can get glass lids without the hinge I don't like it because it blocks the light. I need one for a 10 gallon tank and a 40 gallon breeder.
  8. Chris87

    Amazon sword flowering

    My amazon sword is flowering and i was wondering if you need a second flowering sword to pollinate it or will it just send out tiny sword plants.
  9. Chris87

    Is this planaria?

    I don't think the is planaria because i had it before and it was much bigger but i wanted a second opinion. These worms started appearing after i dosed panacur c to kill planaria. I can't see if it has a triangle head because it is too small and it seems to not be as flat a a planarian. This is...
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