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  1. 11fishvibe

    Heating recommendations

    Hey guys. I’m a little concern for my fish, the temperature changes from 78-84 throughout the day because of mh room temperature. I moved and the only place my tank would fit is directly under the vents where cold air is being blown out. My place gets really cold so I turn off the a/c then the...
  2. 11fishvibe

    Adding new fish - what to get

    hi all , looking to add new fish friends to the 75 gallon tank. I have 2, 110 aquaclear HOB filter on each side temperature is at 79.2 I have 8 boesmani fish and 7 glofish tetras thinking of adding Cories and 1 or 2 bristlenose plecos. I would like to add barbs or angelfish however not...
  3. 11fishvibe


    Hi all, what’s the best lighting for a 75 gallon fresh water aquarium? I no real plants. I’m using lighting that came with a 40 gallon kit. Right now I have 8 boemsani fish and 7 black tetras. I’ve noticed an increase in algae. I cleaned off the decor and glass today when I did a water...
  4. 11fishvibe

    Boesmani Rainbow fish colour

    I was under the impression that boesmani rainbow fish are suppose to be colourful blue and orangish. my lfs sent me this photo of the boesmani he has in stock, is there a way of telling if he will grow up to be colourful? I have 6 boesmani rainbow in my tank now full grown and they all look...
  5. 11fishvibe

    Glow fish

    Hey! Would glo fish work? thinkinh of adding a few black skirt Tetras. currently have a 5guppies 6 Boesmani 1 Pleco 3 African drawf frogs 2 Blue rams 6 cardinal tetras 5 sterbai cories I have a 75 gallon tank before adding fish would like feedback here cuz bought 3 Bala sharks As directed...
  6. 11fishvibe

    Neon tetras or cardinal tetras??

    My wife comes home and told me these were neons... I think they look more like cardinals opinions?
  7. 11fishvibe

    Wannna add more to the tank

    Soo I’ve got a 75 gallon tank set up. And would like some feedback on the stock and everything else I’ve done so far. this is my first tank and I’ve experienced one death so far. I have an aqua clear 110 filter With 4 Sponge filters I have 3 Bala sharks 6 boesmani rainbows 5 sterbai cories...
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