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    Upcoming Black Friday Deals

    The Petsmart sale is glorious. If you want FX6s be prepared to be at the door when it opens. For Black Friday PetSmart is stop number 1 and you have to be the first in the door. Petco may have something. After that check your LFS that carry good stock. Then check online places. Amazon...
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    Another round of "Name that Ancistrus."

    Nope (cool site though). As it maybe the only pic on the internet of that fish you can bet no one in the US has it for sale. Stingray Stingray Aquarium wouldn't even have it, not that they answer email. That fish is hidden off in some mountain pleco ninja fortress is my bet. I'm pretty sure it...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I'm going to go see if the mulberry leaves are looking to drop and then grab a bunch and mulch my starlight tank.
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    Another round of "Name that Ancistrus."

    I stumbled across this pic of an Ancistrus like I have never seen before. Spanish is one of a few languages I have failed to learn so I have no idea what it says.. unless that is Portuguese. There are odd things sticking off the...
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    Substrate mix with Geophagus

    I have only run jurupari and would only run sand for them. Capping, well they are going to sift everything so that will not work out well. They really like sifting. I had no plants in my tank at the time so I don't know if they would uproot them or shred them. I'm guessing Tapajos work the same...
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    What was your most aggressive fish?

    That is it! I new it had "Acara" in its name and I have been looking at Parotocinclus lately, so that is where the "par" came from. A very angry fish correct?
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    What was your most aggressive fish?

    Aggressive all the time or can we include breeding? I have been bitten by Oscars, Terrors, and a red snakehead. I have been left cut up and bleeding from male breeding hoplos. My Malawians had anger management issues. Always overstock to keep deaths as close to 0 as possible. Rhino pleco had...
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    Whats the best reverse osmosis filter?

    Full RO right from the start or through partial water changes? I was always told that if I dump a fish in straight RO or distilled it will leech minerals from the fish, potentially causing them lethal neural issues. So I won't fry fish that way and have been careful for no reason? If you can...
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    Do oscars get sick a lot?

    Mine never got any sickness and I fed them tetra sticks of some sort and minnows from the bait store. My cousin's son left his Oscar with my cousin when he set off for his next bad life choice. My cousin fed that fish dry dog food for years and years. He was very unhappy when his kid came back...
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    Did I not have Britskiis?

    I was looking at Planet Catfish and found this pic of what I had Parotocinclus sp. (3) sadly they were not the glorious red ones listed as the same thing (unless those are breeding colors or something?) Parotocinclus sp. (3) • Loricariidae • Cat-eLog that is listed as sp (3). No better name for...
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    Water Changes Needed

    I find Discus keepers are the ones who get competitive about their water changes. Crazy water change claims from Discus folk. They turned white when I answered their "How to you keep yours breeding all the time?" with "I never do water changes.". Lots of plants to sponge the nitrates. While top...
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    Topaz Puffer glass surfing - maybe solved!

    This is no joke. Nibbles is so much more alive now he knows there may be a crayfish in his tank. ~April is live crayfish season at the fish monger here (I'm guessing for most/all of the US). I did have my own learning about crayfish. When they say "they are escape artists" they are not joking...
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    Parts shouldn't just fall of my koi, right?

    The other fish is also a koi. It is more of a cuddler or snuggler than a nipper.
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    How to take better pics of your fish (HELP!)

    Doh! I just relied on the auto suggest to see if something likely popped up.
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    Instagram Worthy Member Pictures

    We just spent quite a while trying to convince our phones that Nibbles is a human so Duo can put a filter on him. My wife finally succeeded in getting the pic.
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    How to take better pics of your fish (HELP!)

    I noticed Bwood22 takes good looking fish pics and he gave me recommendations (that I didn't mostly understand). I'm guessing I'm not the only one who takes terrible pics of my fish, plants, tanks, etc. I'm also guessing most of us do it with our phones. My current phone is a OnePlus 8 (which...
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    What are you doing to your tank today?

    I ripped out many pounds of Java from my Hastatus tank last week or so. Now they are all just laying on the java/ground.. Uh oh.. All that Java was my nitrate control.. back to water changes. Well that was nearly a disaster that wasn't'. Noticed 5 gal pail or RO on the floor. "Cool I'll just do...
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    Have you ever cried when your fish passed away?

    This weekend I grouched hard for dead fish. Mongo (~5" Dat) got killed by the yearly Jack "o" Lantern for The Eaters. I mentioned to my wife she had turned their tank super toxic looking. She said "Yep, I'll change the water" then did a 20-30% change and went back to nosing through cell phone...
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    What's the next fish you're getting?

    If you are considering Dario Dario you can also consider Black Tiger Dario. They have a nice look. Or slightly bigger you could go Badis Badis. No one goes Badis Badis these days.
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    Freshwater/Brackish Puffer Photos

    Good eye with all that Wisteria. Mbu is a planning endeavor. The fish is by far the cheapest part. 1. You need your own house that you own and will not get sold out from under you (or live in south FL with an outdoor pool. Everything warm will live in a pool on south FL right?). If you are in...
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