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  1. FreshFins

    HELP! Injured Goldfish

    About a month ago my fish was doing this, and I raised temp and added aquarium salt, It worked! I don't know if it will work for you, but you can try. He does look really bad thoughh.. I hope he recovers! I don't know what else you can do for him at this point
  2. FreshFins

    HELP! Injured Goldfish

    I would put him in a hospital tank. How is he doing right now?
  3. FreshFins

    What is this? Is he sick or changing colours?

    Some bettas have a marble gene, which is very interesting and fun to watch change over time! You said he happy which is always a good thing. By spots you mean scales? Also I wouldnt be keeping Zebra danios in a 10g, they are much too active, imo need at least 30g.
  4. FreshFins

    Different Platy breed?

    When I got 3 different colored platies a few years ago they did not breed. Not at all. Its still very possible yours might, but with my fish it just didn't happen. The platys I kept were always a little picky when it came to breeding. Fish will prefer to mate with their own kind rather than...
  5. FreshFins

    Oh to be a cat

    My cat loves doing this lol Anyone else?
  6. FreshFins

    Random Thoughts Continued

    Haha I totally did!
  7. FreshFins

    How many guppies in a 5 gallon?

    I would stick with 3.
  8. FreshFins

    Beginner years?

    I got a few platys around two years ago when I started the hobby. 1 died. Then I got more of them, about 4 I think. They all died. Then I started learning about the nitrogen cycle, and stuff, I’m doing a lot better with caring for them now! I did end up killing a few more on accident I...
  9. FreshFins

    Fish haven’t eaten in a while. what do i do?

    Fish can last a while without food. But, If your neighbor can feed them that would be a much better option IMO.
  10. FreshFins

    My 2 Female platies don’t have top fins?

    Maybe.... you should still get a test kit though. I definitely think you have some problems with your water.
  11. FreshFins

    Help! How often, how much? - Water change

    Glad you got a filter for your betta! I personally think 4 gallons is a little small, but if that’s what you have it can work. I would be doing 60% weekly water changes. Bettas also will need a heater.
  12. FreshFins

    My 2 Female platies don’t have top fins?

    Yep your tank is definitely not cycled ammonia and nitrite levels should be at zero, and your nitrate should be 0-20ppm. When you get the test kit make sure to update with the results, and we can help you from there. We all start somewhere, and my fist tank was a mess. I didn’t cycle, or...
  13. FreshFins

    My 2 Female platies don’t have top fins?

    You most likely have a problem with water quality, and your fish are very stressed. I would buy a water test kit ASAP. Trust me it will come in handy, I recommend getting the API master test kit. Your other problem is your cycle. I find it very hard to believe that your tank would be cycled in...
  14. FreshFins

    Is my platy pregnant?

    Yes, you don’t have to worry about anything. Just let her be. When she delivers your fish will most likely eat the fry.
  15. FreshFins

    My 2 Female platies don’t have top fins?

    They are clamping their fins, which is a sign of stress. Can you fill out the emergency template?
  16. FreshFins

    Is my platy pregnant?

    Yep looks pregnant to me. Females can store sperm so she could be pregnant more than once. The aggression is normal, when platies are pregnant they might be aggressive or hide often.
  17. FreshFins

    Random Thoughts Continued

    Ok so it’s 2:00 am, and I was sitting in my living room just doing whatever, and I saw my cat outside. It was dark of course so I couldn’t see her that well, and she immediately jumped in the house when I opened the door. I didn’t know that she had HALF OF A MOUSE in her mouth! She dropped it on...
  18. FreshFins

    Name suggestions for my other two name less fish. Whomever i pic gets a prize!

    Orange: Marlo, Zinnia, Jayla, Mandarin Pastel: Mable, Sasha, Lyla, orchid
  19. FreshFins

    Betta Unusually Lethargic :(

    I think that's what's causing it then. I definitely think that he will act a lot better when he is less bloated. When fish are bloated they will not be very active.
  20. FreshFins

    Betta Unusually Lethargic :(

    Do the temperature and ph match the tank he was in before? It sounds like he might of also been stressed from the move. How did you transport him?
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