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  1. Rockymountainstream

    New plant tank

    I have a 29 gallon tank that I want to use for plants and some fish. I have a idea for what I want I just don't know how to go about it. I have been reading a lot of threads, but with no experience it just confuses me. Does anyone have any good resources that I can go to so I can get a better...
  2. Rockymountainstream

    Fluval FX4 question

    The motor on my FX4 is acting wonky. It is running in a pulsating manner. I took the motor off to inspect the impeller and magically connections. They were all good. Does anyone have any idea how to fix the problem. Also the unit is less than a year old. I had it set in the middle of the in and...
  3. Rockymountainstream

    Is this normal for an albino Bristol nose pleco?

    I was wondering if the black spots around the stomach area is normal for an albino Bristol nose pleco? At first it just seems to be more transparent. But then it seems to be in the genatoec. My water level are NH: .O NO:2 .0 and NH:3 5.0 , so it is not Ammonia burn. Also it just seems to be...
  4. Rockymountainstream

    Disinfecting a quarantine/hospitals tank.

    I just had my last guppy died of a parasite. I did separate him from the other. So I am not to worried about that. However I am done with taking any chances and would like to know some of the best ways to disinfect glass and decor? I am not worried about the gravel as it is easy to replace. Also...
  5. Rockymountainstream

    Salt baths

    I was wondering if a salt bath would help a guppy with a fungal infection. Also if it would could some one reconfirm my understanding of the situation. I believe that it is 5 millimeter per 1 gallon. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  6. Rockymountainstream

    My first piece of driftwood

    I just bought my first peace of driftwood to day. I have read the article on how to season it. I think I will go with boiling it. My question is, for how long will I need to boil it and at what temperature? Also how many times will I to do it before I put it in the tank? Should I cycle it in a...
  7. Rockymountainstream

    Dropy or malawl bloat

    I have a fish that is suffering from dropy I believe. The guppy was is In a quoraten tank as i got his and a few other no Sunday. Last night I had an incident where another guppy fell in to the sink ( I thought he was dead). When I got home I observer this one in this condition. I read about...
  8. Rockymountainstream

    A ruff evening

    I got home to night and took a look at my quoraten tank see how my fish were doing. When I fed them I noticed that one of the guppies was no where to be found. I started to look for him and still nothing. I went in to a panic and started to move every thing around and still nothing. I look on...
  9. Rockymountainstream

    Thanks to Mike, all VIP'S, monitors and all member new and old

    Do to reasons I don't want to get in to. I had a very difficult time getting my 60 gallon tank to cycle. After finding Fish Lore I was able to read a lot of articles and questions with good answers and advice (not just with cycling). I look forward to being apart of this community. Again thanks...
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