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  1. Batmantheanglefish

    Platy fish swimming sideways

    It’s probably a sickness/disease of some sort I’m not gonna say for sure what it is cause I’m not an expert at this but it could be something wrong with the swim bladder. One of my fish had this problem and acted very similar to your platy. Hopefully you can figure out what it is (if not swim...
  2. Batmantheanglefish

    Is this too many plants in tank - 36 gal Bow Front?

    I don’t think you can ever have too many plants! It looks great to me.
  3. Batmantheanglefish

    Oh to be a cat

    I’ve hear I’ve heard of these but never tried one! It sounds like a lot of fun :D I’ll have to try it in the future!
  4. Batmantheanglefish

    Angelfish Care

    I have no problems with mine but it could be bcs my angels are super calm and relaxed all the time lol. Mine are kept with pencilfish.
  5. Batmantheanglefish

    30 Gallon Tank Single fish for tank

    Those do have nice colors! I might go with these would a celestial eye work? I really like them.
  6. Batmantheanglefish

    30 Gallon Tank Single fish for tank

    Those look interesting! They almost look like a lionfish (except they are saltwater) Ok, Thanks! Oh wow that’s huge. Guess i won’t be doing those lol. They do look cool tho.
  7. Batmantheanglefish

    30 Gallon Tank Single fish for tank

    Those look awesome! They almost look like snakes. Are they pretty active? I like that idea with the shrimp and snails. Would the rope fish eat them?
  8. Batmantheanglefish

    30 Gallon Tank Single fish for tank

    So I recently got a 30 gallon tank and want to only put 1 fish in it. Are there any fish that could go in there and live all by themselves? I wanted to do a larger fish but most need 55+. Thanks
  9. Batmantheanglefish

    55 Gallon Tank 55gal stocking help

    I think it would work as long as you keep up on the water changes.
  10. Batmantheanglefish

    What are you doing to your tank today?

    Changed water to 75 gallon tank and 90 gallon and my flowerhorn kept pushing my algae scrubber when I was trying to scrub his tank!
  11. Batmantheanglefish

    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    I had no idea they are coming out with that! I’m definitely getting it!! I liked link to a past I just wish they made the gameplay a bit longer...
  12. Batmantheanglefish

    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    Im almost done completing the game I have one more Divine beast... I’ve completed Link to the past I have literally EVERY Zelda game :D. I am still finding shrines and chests every 5 seconds lol.
  13. Batmantheanglefish

    110 Gallon Tank My Water Lily pond journal & photos

    If I had the space and it didn’t get so cold where I am I would start a water lily pond with some Koi! I’m jealous of yours it looks great! :D
  14. Batmantheanglefish

    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    Zelda Breath of the wild.... surprisingly addictive!
  15. Batmantheanglefish

    Honeys Eating Frogbit?

    I’m gonna say A. My Gourami nibbles on some of my plants so that’s why I’m guessing that option.
  16. Batmantheanglefish

    60 Gallon Tank Are These Eggs?

    I also agree that it look like Nerite snail eggs.
  17. Batmantheanglefish


    I agree with what the others said. I would give it a few days and see if they stop sometimes it can be caused due to stress or tank size. Also, it says you don’t understand the Nitrogen cycle? Aquarium Nitrogen Cycle thats a link it’s very helpful! Good luck with your tank! :D
  18. Batmantheanglefish

    Favorite tropical community flake/ pellet?

    I’m sure they will like it! My angels go crazy over it pretty much to the point where I have to put a little on each side of the tank so they won’t fight over it! :D
  19. Batmantheanglefish

    PetCo, PetSmart, or Online?

    I Go to LFS as it’s way cheaper than ordering online for me.
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