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  1. mossman

    Dwarf Gourami - What type of food?

    Picked up a DG (flame colored) a couple weeks ago and can't seem to figure out what he likes to eat. Everything I've given him thus far he has spit out. He'll suck the food in and spit it out multiple times then swims away. I've tried sinking carnivore pellets and wafers, algae wafers, flake...
  2. mossman

    Glow Light Tetra Mouth rot?

    I have a glow light tetra who was being cared for by a friend while I was on vacation, and when I came back he was covered in white spots. I assume it was ick. I immediately quarantined him and treated with Ick-X. A week later and he's pretty much cleared up. However, it appears that the...
  3. mossman

    Where to Buy Tall Artificial Hairgrass Plants?

    Can someone recommend a place to buy some artificial hairgrass plants? I need about 15 plants 18" or so tall.
  4. mossman

    Need help setting up FOWLR tank

    Anyone in the DC, MD, Northern VA area that would be interested in helping me set up a 65 gallon FOWLR tank? I already have the tank in place (currently a FW tank), and would have all the materials and equipment more or less set up. Just need some help getting everything dialed in.
  5. mossman

    TB Treatment

    Lost a Bolivian Ram and now one of my neon tetras has a curved spine (laterally) and constantly swims in circles with its tail downward. He's been like this for about three weeks. The tank has been neglected, so it's my fault. Is there any hope for recovery? I plan on setting up a fresh...
  6. mossman

    Overflow, Sump, Freshwater Tank?

    I have a 65 gallon corner tank and the canister is currently located on the table top behind the tank and is only accessible from above. As you can imagine, this is a pain to remove for cleaning and re-priming is also a pain. I like having a surface skimmer in my tanks, but it gets very...
  7. mossman

    Plastidip for background (acrylic)

    Anyone have success using Plastidip spray as a background on their acrylic tank (on the exterior of the back panel)? Any other products?
  8. mossman

    Anyone sell using Aquabid?

    Has anyone sold fish using Aquabid? I've purchased fish on two occasions with good experiences, but listing fish not so much. Is it me, or is the website super confusing? I see know way of even viewing or editing my ad, seeing if anyone has looked at it, etc. Not intuitive or seller friendly...
  9. mossman

    Dragon stone, cichlids caves, misc caves

    I have an Underwater Galleries 9-piece cichlid stone set, 10+ pieces of dragon stone, and three other small caves that I need to get rid of. No charge for the products, but buyer pays shipping. I can send more photos if requested. Thanks.
  10. mossman

    Amano temperature

    I have four Amanos in my 20 gallon high tech and I often find them attached to the heater. The water temperature is 78 degrees, so plenty warm enough. Maybe there is some sort of biofilm growing on the heater that they like?
  11. mossman

    Underwater Galleries Cichlid Stones (8 pack)

    Selling an 8-pack of cichlid stones/caves. They are unused and in the original box. I planned on using them in my tank, but decided to take a different approach. I bought them earlier this year for $50. Will let them go for $20. Buyer pays shipping. Representative photo attached. Can post...
  12. mossman

    Want To Sell Six Geophagus Redhead Tapajos

    I need to rehome my six geophagus redhead tapajos. I will be rescaping my tank and adding a ton of plants, so geos aren't going to work any longer. I've seen them go for as much as $25 each, but would probably sell them all for half of that. Local pickup only (northern Virginia).
  13. mossman

    Opinions on Clear For Life Uniquarium?

    I'm looking at 29 acrylic aquariums to replace a 29G glass tank (glass is cracking). I like the idea of a uniquarium with everything built into the back. The Clear for Life 29R has piqued my interest. I'm concerned it would be noisy though since the water in the second stage drips/trickles...
  14. mossman

    Current USA Satellite Plus LED Lights

    I have two 18-24" and one 24-36" Current USA Satellite Plus LED lights for sale (will sell individually). They are approximately 1-1/2 years old and in great condition. I'd like to get $20 for each of the small ones and $30 for the large one. Buyer pays shipping. Local pickup is fine too...
  15. mossman

    2X Juvenile Angelfish (male/female pair)

    I have two juvenile angelfish for sale. I believe one is male and the other female based on their size difference (they both came from the same spawn). One is mostly black and the other is silver with black bars and blue on his fins. I'll entertain any reasonable offer. Local pickup preferred...
  16. mossman

    X6 Geophagus "Red Head" Tapajos for sale

    I'm looking for a new home for my six juvenile (roughly 2 year old) Geophagus Redhead Tapajos. They range in size from 2" up to 4-1/2". I believe there are three female and three male. The two largest ones are starting to show their beautiful coloring and will only become more colorful as...
  17. mossman

    Source for plastic fittings?

    I'm searching for a 7/8" plastic barbed elbow and can't seem to find one anywhere. What are a few companies that sell plastic valves, fittings, etc for aquariums?
  18. mossman

    What is this on the bottom of my tank?

    I started up a 20 long a few weeks ago (using cycled media from a mature tank) to grow a few plants and home two juvenile angels, and as of this week I have been seeing this odd substance on the bottom of the tank. It looks like a bunch of micro worms, but it is not a living organism. My best...
  19. mossman

    Algae behind intake, heater, return

    I have algae growth to a minimum in my tanks, but algae always grows behind the heaters and intake tubes. I thought algae liked a lot of light, so why would it be growing behind these objects where there is less light? Is it lack of water flow?
  20. mossman

    What fish is this?

    Trying to determine what type of fish this is. I believe it is a variety of geophagus. Anyone?
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