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  1. bobduhgeek

    Canister replacement conundrum

    I have a sunsun 303b on my 55 freshwater tropical. It's fully cycled, doing great. The tank is at 100% population. This is my third sunsun. I am relatively happy with it. Over time however they start to make a lot of noise. It's fixable I know. But they also start to leak over time. Looking...
  2. bobduhgeek

    Canister Filter Longevity

    What canister filters are built to last? I have had SunSun 304, 303 and a pennplex. They all seem to be fragile and wind up leaking and making too much noise after a year. What has been your experience?
  3. bobduhgeek

    The sweet spot?

    I just started to water my house plants with aquarium water when I do a weekly change. The ph is generally around 10ppm. Does anyone else do this? It should be good for the plants but how much is too much? All comments welcome!
  4. bobduhgeek

    Zebra danio with red bulge in belly

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tank What is the water volume of the tank? 55gal standard/48.1volume How long has the tank been running? 9 months Does it have a filter? SunSun 303b & hydro-sponge IV Does it have a heater? 200w adjustable What is the water...
  5. bobduhgeek

    Danger Will Robinson!

    How do you think this will turn out?
  6. bobduhgeek

    Nematode, anyone care to hazzard a guess?

    I picked up a dozen gold stripped danios. They are in quarantine, and being treated with two doses of API General Cure, Day three of Focus, Metroplex, Kanaplex and fenbendazole food. I found this floating in the water and tossed it on a slide. Picture is of the whole mess to give you an idea...
  7. bobduhgeek

    How long should I quarantine gold stripped danios?

    How long should I quarantine gold stripped danios? I did some googling on common problems with the breed and found they are susceptible to atypical Mycobacterium and nematodes. I just bought a dozen and have them in the QT tank. One did not make the trip-(they were mailed from an ebay seller)...
  8. bobduhgeek

    Does anyone use a microscope?

    I picked up a microscope to get a better idea of what was collecting at the bottom of my qt tank. Does anybody else do this? Do you have a resource for identifying what's what
  9. bobduhgeek


    I was thinking of getting a microscope to more closely examine what's on the bottom of my tank. I am still reeling from a nematode infestation and may be a bit over the edge. Does anyone do this? Would a microscope be extreme or is it a reasonable thing to use?
  10. bobduhgeek

    Fluval Cycle and ammonia?

    I am about 4 weeks into a fishless cycle. Everything is new. No old bb from filters. I did plant about 40 plants - so there is so bb in the tank. It's 55g standard with a canister filter. Started the ammonia at 4ppm, it's straight 10% ammonia from Ace. I tested the water daily, maintaining...
  11. bobduhgeek

    Will high nitrates kill snails?

    I have a new cycle started in my 55 gallon freshwater tank. New gravel and sand. New plants. The new plants brought snails. Doing fishless cycling. 10% ammonia at 5ppm to start (10ml ) I'm 2 weeks into the process. The nitrite is way up (2 - 5 ppm) and so are the nitrites. I use the API...
  12. bobduhgeek

    Segregate gear?

    Does anybody have an idea on having separate test tubes (I use API mostly) for different tanks? I have a problem with Camallanus that I am treating, I have learned the hard way to use separate equipment between tanks. How do you deal with your water testing gear? I would generally rinse the...
  13. bobduhgeek

    Any idea what it is?

    Added plants to a new tank. Now these are on the glass. What is it?
  14. bobduhgeek

    Should I euthanize the entire tank?

    I am loosing a battle with camalanus worms, I have used every method I can find to deworm the tanks, but they keep coming back - or just don't die. I think these are immune to the current medications available. I have used Fish Bendazole, Levamisole, prazipro, metro/kana-plex-focus, general...
  15. bobduhgeek

    ID please?

    These came out of a Molly in my tank. Are they canalanus?
  16. bobduhgeek

    Medicate plants for parasites?

    I've been trying to get a parasite problem under control. I think I am fighting canalanus <sp?> worms. I have used praziquantel, levamisole, fenbendazole, metroplex, kanaplex and focus, prazipro and general cure. Still the problem persists. I have a planted tank. I removed most of the Java...
  17. bobduhgeek

    I Think it's a worm

    Bought 6 magnolia platy. Tossed 'em in the quarantine tank. Wacked 'em up with PraziPro, Focus+MetroPlex+KanaPlex. An hour or so latter I see one swimming with something hanging out of her. It sure didn't look like poop. It dropped out and I grabbed it. Can anybody id what this is?
  18. bobduhgeek

    Angelfish male from female?

    I have two angels, thought they were both male... Maybe not. They are not a happy couple. If there are any gender pros out there please look at these pics and let me know what you think.
  19. bobduhgeek

    I don't know what the problem is.

    I'm having a problem. I think it's a parasite but I have no idea what to do. A sailfin molly died first, then a red swag platty Had what looked like a white tumor growing to the point it was protruding from the side. The fish was lethargic and not eating. Another red swag had huge bumpy white...
  20. bobduhgeek

    Thick Glass aquariums vs less thick

    I have an old 55 gallon rectangular tank. It has 3/8" thick glass. It has sprung another little leak. I am thinking of replacing it. Are there 3/8" tanks manufactured ? All I see are 1/4". My hunch is that the thicker is better but I could be wrong. Thoughts, comments or positive...
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