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  1. yeti79

    20 Gallon Tank Do betta know? Tale of Goku a happy betta

    Here are a couple short videos of Goku doing his thing.
  2. yeti79

    Loving my new Hara jerdoni dwarf anchor/asian stone catfish

    Got some okay video of my anchor catfishes this evening.
  3. yeti79

    Freshwater Gobies Photos Only

    Rainbow stiphodon goby
  4. yeti79

    20 Gallon Tank Do betta know? Tale of Goku a happy betta

    Goku is a firecracker! Nonstop swimming around the tank. Something in the gravel caught his attention long enough for me to snap a non blurry picture. Makes me happy to see him so active after just laying motionless in a small cup when I first saw him. He really renewed my joy in fishkeeping...
  5. yeti79

    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    There is something special about the unbeatable games like Centipede, Asteroids and Space Invaders. Setting high score being the main goal gave it replay value because you could always do better. My opinion Gravitar is the most difficult game.
  6. yeti79

    Gamers, what Are You Playing?

    I got an Atari Flashback for my birthday and on the rare occasion I have time to play my go to game is Solaris. Wow it is difficult! Just glad internet is a thing now. Had this game growing up and really had no clue what the point of the game was or how to beat it. River Raid, Centipede and...
  7. yeti79

    Curious about changing a set up non planted tank into a planted tank?

    What type of substrate do you have? Bulb plants like dwarf aquarium lily and tiger lotus can be good choice for beginners. Water wisteria, dwarf sagittaria and bacopa caroliniana have done well for me. Patience is key. It may take months before you have a lush planted tank.
  8. yeti79

    Zebra danio & Betta chasing around

    They are the same fish Danio rerio. It also has a leopard pattern variant referred to as leopard danios. Glo danios are the neon colored ones. You may even be able to find a glo danio with a leopard pattern.
  9. yeti79

    20 Gallon Tank Pick my next fish for 20gal

    Gold tetras! I have some in my 20 tall a mix of wild and tank bred.
  10. yeti79

    Looking for care guides

    This site has them. Look under articles tab and freshwater fish.
  11. yeti79

    Are kuhli loaches shrimp-safe?

    Should have no issues keeping amano shrimp and kuhlis together.
  12. yeti79

    Sexing golden dojo loach

    Look at it's pectoral fins if its more rounded it's a female if triangular it's a male. My guess on that one is a male.
  13. yeti79

    10 Gallon Tank What to do with giant crypts?

    I just trimmed up crypt undulata in my 10 gallon. Have gave crypt cuttings to my friend and a few have made it. He really does a poor job of caring for them however so amazed any survived.
  14. yeti79

    Redecorating What should I add to 10g tank?

    I would add more plants. Any crypt would eventually hide the heater
  15. yeti79

    Loving my new Hara jerdoni dwarf anchor/asian stone catfish

    Video of the catfish
  16. yeti79

    Why do people say you should keep fish from the same continent together?

    I just realized for the first time ever in a community tank of mine all the inhabitants are from a single continent! That being said you would not find them all in the wild together.
  17. yeti79

    Have you ever cried when your fish passed away?

    I have had a few dreams about bad stuff happening to my tanks. It always freaks me out. Cried no but very close to tears on a couple of occasions. Was very depressed for about a week when I lost Gorgeous George the goldfish in my profile picture. Lightning was a dojo loach and she was in bad...
  18. yeti79

    20 Gallon Tank Loaches behavior

    I have black kuhli loaches. Mine are very active despite their shy reputation. Larger groups and cover so they feel secure are key to active loaches. Something else you may want to look into are stiphodon gobies. Would recommend a mature tank with algae for them
  19. yeti79

    20 Gallon Tank Do betta know? Tale of Goku a happy betta

    Is more than that he's a premium plakat :D
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