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  1. Jbabb7

    Red inernal parasite?

    Does anyone have any idea what this could be? I’ve done a lot of research and I am leaning towards red spot disease? Not super worried currently because it just appeared today and all fish in tank are still acting normally. Ammonia and Nitrites are 0, Nitrates are 10. Just not super confident on...
  2. Jbabb7

    Rams swapped mates

    I have 2 pairs of rams, a pair of golds and a gold/blue ram pair. Today I came home from work and the females are on opposite sides of the tank with the opposite males that they were with just yesterday. The males seem to be swimming and behaving fine with the new female partners, but just...
  3. Jbabb7

    Ram breeding question

    Hey I have a pair of gold Rams that have spawned 4 times now. Each time they have consumed all their eggs within 2 days. I have heard they become better at raising the eggs/fry as they spawn more. I really like the process and acitivity the eggs in my tank bring, but I don’t want to put too much...
  4. Jbabb7

    Underwater Camera to use for fish tank?

    I would love to have a underwater camera that I could hook up to my phone and check in on my fish while im out but I haven't been able to find anything of that sort. I would even use a normal camera maybe set up right outside the tank. I just want to be able to monitor my fish/tank while I ate...
  5. Jbabb7

    Coolest/most Unique single specimen for a 30 gallon tank?

    What would be, in your opinion, the absolute coolest fish/reptile that could be comfortably kept in a 30 gallon set up? Either as a single specimen by itself or a species only type thing. Wanted to get some ideas.
  6. Jbabb7

    Can I replace half of breeding pair?

    So I had a pair of German Blue Rams that were actively breeding. They had been together in my tank for about 3 months and had eggs 4/5 times. The female died yesterday suddenly. Water is fine 0 Ammonia/Nitrites/Nitrates. Temp is where it normally was. What I really want to know is if I can just...
  7. Jbabb7

    Back compartment filter issues

    Hi, I have a SeaClear System 2 with a filter built into the back of the tank. The filter intake is a waterfall type system in the top left of the tank that then goes through 3 chambers in the back and out the right side of the tank. I have now had 3 fish in the last 2 weeks get over the...
  8. Jbabb7

    Bamboo shrimp stuck

    My bamboo shrimp has been in the built in filter on the back of my tank for about 2 weeks now. He is underneath some bio-balls, that are underneath a drip tray. That compartment fills up with water, so he IS completely submerged in about 10 inches of water, with a bunch of bio-balls to swim...
  9. Jbabb7

    30 Gallon Tank Overstocked?

    Hi, I have had a 30 gallon tank established for about 2 months now. Final stock list is: 2 dwarf gouramis 2 German gold rams 8 cherry barbs 1 L397 pleco juvenile (1.5 in) 1 vampire shrimp 1 horse face loach juvenile (3 in) is this overstocked for my set up? It’s heavily plants, lots of...
  10. Jbabb7

    Horse Face Loach

    Hi! I recently got a horse face loach, and have not been able to find out much about them. Does anyone have any experience keeping them? I currently have him in my community tank. Did lots of research and couldn’t find much that said I couldn’t. So far, he has been doing well but I just worry if...
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