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  1. GoldfishEnthusiast

    RIP Sweet Romeo

    Today I lost my beloved Comet Goldfish Romeo that we have raised since he was just a little fry. Thank you for all of the great experiences and for showing me how much life can be in even the tiniest of creatures. You will always be my friend, my fishy boy, and my tiny baby. I will miss you and...
  2. GoldfishEnthusiast

    Purchasing Snap Peas

    Anybody else get strange looks when they purchase a single pea pod for their fish at the market? XD
  3. GoldfishEnthusiast

    Beloved Comet Goldfish Acting Strange

    Tank: Size - 30 Gallons Filter - Top Fin Silenstream PF 30 Heater - Aqueon 100w Water Temperature - Top: 70°F, Bottom: 68°F Tank Stocking - One 2.5 inch Comet Goldfish Maintenance: One 30% water change a week treated with Prime water conditioner and one 60% water change a month paired with a...
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