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  1. Papasmerf73

    29 Gallon Tank What are these?

    So I have these all over today. I did a water change a few days ago now they are everywhere. On the sponge filter, glass, gravel, etc. I do have pest snails in there. Are they baby snails? How do I get rid of them?
  2. Papasmerf73

    Help with Rasbora, pale, erratic swimming

    I just did a 30% water change, added prime and happened to see 1 of my Harlequin Rasboras almost bouncing up and down. I've had them in my 10g for about 4 months. 0, 0, 10, ph 7. 2. I have never seen this before. Please help. His coloring is very light and the pork chop spot is yellow. Now has a...
  3. Papasmerf73

    Always counting fish

    Anyone else always counting their fish? I wish I could relax more but I am always worried 1 is going to be dead and I won't find it right away. I just got 5 habrosus cories for my 20 long and they don't school so I'm always searching for them. I only have a few Praecox rainbows in there so I'm...
  4. Papasmerf73

    Finally ordered Repashy Community Plus

    So, I finally ordered Repashy Community Plus after hearing everyone rave about it. I made it into small ice cube trays according to the directions. I put it in my 4 tanks and everyone hates it. My platy was the only 1 who nibbled on it then swam away and she eats EVERYTHING. I tried breaking it...
  5. Papasmerf73

    20 gallon long Stock?

    So I am setting up a 20 gallon long with a fully cycled filter. I want to do a pair of apistos, maybe Cacatuoides or Agazzai, dwarf neons for the top, and either a smaller corycat or kuhli loaches. How many Praecox do you think I could add? (I was thinking thinking 3 but some advice seems to...
  6. Papasmerf73

    Sterbai issue

    So, I am new to the forum as I finally signed up because I can't find an answer. I have a 29 gallon community tank with 4 Sterbai cories. About 3 weeks I noticed a fuzzy spot behind the eye of 1 cory. I knew it wasn't ich as I had just battled that on a few fish. I watched him for a few days and...
  7. Papasmerf73


    I'm a relatively new fish keeper and always check this forum for advice. It seems to be a mostly friendly and helpful place to find answers and give assistance. So I finally decided to sign up. Thanks for having me.
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