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  1. MrFattyBacon

    Filter question Part II (Mechanical Filter question)

    I use the same type of setup. Pondguru does an amazing breakdown of how and where to place all the foams and medias here.
  2. MrFattyBacon

    A weird unidentified fish

    it kind of looks like a panda cory mixed with a bala shark lol
  3. MrFattyBacon

    Hello From Utah!

    Yea crazy lol! I was just checking out pics of Convict Cichlids online (was looking to find pics of other Gold Belly Cichlids) and found this forum:D
  4. MrFattyBacon

    Hello From Utah!

    I posted these in the Convict Cichlid Pictures area earlier And a colorful little baby
  5. MrFattyBacon

    20 Gallon Tank Pregnant molly

    Is this a brand new aquarium? Has the tank cycled? Are you using any medications like Melafix? Do you have a water test kit to check levels? What temp is the tank at?:D Beautiful fishies btw:D
  6. MrFattyBacon

    Convict Cichlid Photos

    Some more of my little buddies
  7. MrFattyBacon

    Java fern reproduction

    Not sure if you already know but, Ferns actually produce spores instead of seeds to reproduce. The brown spots on the leaves of the fern are Spores that will grow whole new plants like a seed. Ferns are usually very hardy, feel free to rip those buggers off. You can think of it as seeds just...
  8. MrFattyBacon

    Oh to be a cat

    My cat practicing being a rug
  9. MrFattyBacon

    Hello From Utah!

    Hello everyone! I am a Freshwater Aquarium guy. I have been a fishkeeper for as long as I can remember and I have recently been breeding and keeping Convict Cichlids for the past 5 years or so. I do not believe I follow the standard norms of tank size/fish amounts. I have found (over time) that...
  10. MrFattyBacon

    Convict Cichlid Photos

    Some of my little buddies:D
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