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  1. Mistacliff

    What is this cloudy looking stuff?

    Not sure if this is the right forum, but what is this cloudy looking stuff?
  2. Mistacliff

    Should I treat my main tank?

    So I messed up and didn’t quarantine properly. A new fish that I added ended up coming down with velvet. I pulled it out and put it into the qt tank and tried to treat with meds but it did not make it. No one in the main tank is showing signs of anything but should I just preemptively treat the...
  3. Mistacliff

    What is this? Fungus?

    Just saw this
  4. Mistacliff

    Should I add anything else?

    Good advice. I do still need to see how it will balance out with the severum. Also aggression might change as the different fish reach maturity. I just need to be patient. It’s hard when I’m this close to being done stocking to not hurry and put the final touches on it.
  5. Mistacliff

    Should I add anything else?

    I’ve pretty much finalized my 125 stock and just wanted to double check with everyone if I’m good?, too much?, add one or two of something? I have: 3 silver dollars 3 heckelii 2 eba’s 1 green severum And my final purchase was planned as: 2 gold severum so as it stands I feel like that...
  6. Mistacliff

    Why is mixing cichlids so taboo?

    I understand the basis behind not mixing African and American cichlids but it seems like some other types of fish like a gourami will get a pass when asking if they can go with my cichlids. Why are some types of fish not from the region okay to mix as long as aggression levels match but not the...
  7. Mistacliff

    Sexing eba’s

    Not sure if they are big enough to tell yet, but just wondering if anyone can tell me what sex my eba’s are. To me they seem like the same sex… I’m guessing both female? I’m not entirely sure those first two photos were of different fish or the same one , so these two are for sure.
  8. Mistacliff


    My fish tank anxiety is running on high lately. I did look at a few other pictures of other eba’s and I guess they look normal. My wife says I’m developing munchhausen by proxy with my fish.
  9. Mistacliff


    Just did my weekly water change and noticed that my eba’s especially look a little bug eyed! Is this popeye fish disease?
  10. Mistacliff

    Should I remove the eggs?

    I have wondered the same thing, if some fish have spawned can you just remove the rock with the eggs? Do you need to keep the parents with the eggs? Can you just lift the eggs out of the water and into the new tank, or transfer with a bag in order to keep them submerged? Sorry all I’ve managed...
  11. Mistacliff

    What meds should I use?

    It’s a 125 gallon main tank. So the question I have now is, since I’ve done it wrong, how should I proceed? It seems like there must be some kind of bacteria or parasite or something. There is no other signs of anything on any of the fish. No spots, no lethargic fish, no loss of appetite.
  12. Mistacliff

    What meds should I use?

    I just tested water parameters are ammonia 0, nitrite 0, and nitrate 20 or maybe a little above but not near 40. How high is too high for nitrates?
  13. Mistacliff

    What meds should I use?

    I do weekly water changes of about 30%.
  14. Mistacliff

    What meds should I use?

    Just a 10 gallon with a small sponge filter. Yeah it has a heater. I kept the quarantine tank full after moving the heckelii to the main tank but I haven’t added anything to feed ammonia into the tank, it has just been sitting for the last week and a half or two. I haven’t checked the parameters...
  15. Mistacliff

    What meds should I use?

    I bought 4 heckelii and 1 yellow zebra plecofrom my lfs. I know they do a 10 day quarantine before they will sell and I also know that these heckelii were in the tank to sell for at least a week before I bought them. I brought these guys home and put them into quarantine. I started my initial qt...
  16. Mistacliff

    Add an Oscar? Yes or no?

    Thanks for the input. I don’t have my heart set on it, otherwise it would be first and I would stock around it.
  17. Mistacliff

    Add an Oscar? Yes or no?

    I have a 125 gallon tank. I currently have 3 silver dollars, 3 heckelii, and 2 eba. I will be getting 3 severum. So once I have all that is an Oscar too much?
  18. Mistacliff

    Fish flashing

    New update to this situation, the heckelii have seemed fine. Everyone seemed fine except for the occasional flash of a fish here or there. Yesterday I noticed one of my silver dollars flashing frequently and it has continued today. It has been enough that he now has a red spot on each side from...
  19. Mistacliff

    What is the most lucrative fish to breed?

    .25-.50 that’s crazy! Well… I guess I won’t be retiring any time soon. Lol I think I would still want to breed something for the fun of it. I’ll have to research a little about what I would want to breed that would be at least somewhat in demand. Water change every day? Is that because there...
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