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    Aquarium changeable background

    Oh yea that's what they use for presentation boards for school projects. Wal-Mart has them.
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    Aquarium changeable background

    Yea if its what I think your referring to its what i use and well. Its basically corrugated plastic and its called coroplast. Totally water proof, very light, easy to tape or glue to the back of the tank.
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    Weeeeeird stuff on fish food in fishless cycle

    You dont want to use pellets for a fishless cycle they take to long to break down because of their thickness. You want to use flake and crumble in to where its real fine.
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    Should I black out or reduce lighting period?

    feed them whatever you have been, just less of it. Just a good practice when buying food in the future is to get foods that have the lessor amounts of phosphates. Generally higher quality foods have less phosphate in it.
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    Should I black out or reduce lighting period?

    The more water changes you do the faster you can reduce the phosphates but the more stress you may put on your fish and inverts. Just do whatever water changes you would normally do if you did not have the cyno problem. let your plants, manual cyno removal, and reduced feeding and fertilizing...
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    Should I black out or reduce lighting period?

    The phosphates arent under ingredients they are listed under "guaranteed analysis."
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    Should I black out or reduce lighting period?

    I dont suggest daily water changes. But im lazy that way Id rather let the plants and salvinia fix the problems. Im not familiar with omega flakes but ive never seen a flake food without phosphates. I cant tell you how much to feed your fish. But fish will do fine on one feeding a day and...
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    Should I black out or reduce lighting period?

    The worst thing you can do is a black out. You really dont accomplish anything other than a temporary fix. The primary cause of cyno is an excess of phosphates in the water. So cyno grows and uses the phosphates. You kill the cyno either by chemical treatment or blackout. The cyno dies...
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    High nitrates?

    The ammonia could be an ongoing issue for you if your starting out at .25. Water changes will not have the same effect that it would if you were adding back .0 ammonia. Running a lot of plants especially floating plants will help. Keeping your bioload down will help probably as much as...
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    Gravel to sand

    You can mix them together but over time the larger gravel will work their way to the top of the substrate and the finer sand will move towards the bottom. Gravel does contain more BB than sand because of surface area the the fact that nutrient containing water to feed the bacteria flows more...
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    Can you grow Frogbit with a hood?

    Yea again I dont keep them under cover but just looking at them and dropping a little water on them for a little unscientific experiment it seems to roll right off the frogbit.
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    Can you grow Frogbit with a hood?

    are you sure its frogbit that has trouble with droplets on it and not dwarf water lettuce. I have both, not under a cover, but the frogbit has a slick surface that water droplets will roll off of while the water lettuce has very tiny hair on the surface that will hold water droplets.
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    Confirm Rotala Indica

    If they are correct, than everybody else who sells it is wrong. LOL
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    Confirm Rotala Indica

    I think what your showing is indica grown without being fully submerged. When you plant it in a tank fully submerged the leaves begin to change as new growth comes out
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    Confirm Rotala Indica

    It looks like rotala indica to me. Add some CO2 to your tank and it will color up really nice
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    Cleaning out snails and worms from shut down tank?

    I would probably start over with the substrate. Even if you kill everything it will still reside in your substrate and potentially make some unusual ammonia spikes as it decomposes and finds its way into your water column.
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    Cycle Tank - Plants Only

    In a planted tank it makes since to me to cycle it with fish food. After all that's what you will be using to feed your tank when its established why not cycle with it. Not only will it produce ammonia but will add other nutrients to your tank that, in the right quantities, are needed by the...
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    Feeling the lure of a freshwater planted aquarium.

    Actually its very much a big thing. When someone sets up and cycles a new tank using gravel, hardscape or filter media from and existing tank you are doing the same thing for the same purpose as someone who adds live sand or live rock in a salt tank
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    Looking for some help with my ?algae problem

    Here is a problem that many people have. You are saying that your phosphates "used"to be higher". Well now you have cyno so the phosphates and other nutrients are locked up in your algae so your tests dont look that bad. But they are there, just in the cyno . If you simply kill the cyno...
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    How to get rid of Cyanobacteria?

    Your plants and stock need it to grow but fish food contains phosphates. Some more than others and thats generally how we get them into the tank is feeding the fish. Look for food with lower %'s of phosphates and dont overfeed. If thats not doing it there are phosphate removing pads and of...
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