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    20 Gallon Tank Bump on my Balloon Molly

    I just noticed this bump on my Balloon Molly Puggles. Anyone know what it is?
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    Dosing meds and using sponge filter?

    Should I be using a sponge filter while dosing meds? Will the spong filter, filter out the meds? Without the sponge filter I have no other filtration, no hob. Just doing daily water changes. And I have an air stone in. I removed the sponge filter thinking it may be filter out the meds. Should I...
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    Top Fin brand white sand increase or decrease pH?

    Has anyone used Top Fin white sand in their aquarium? Wondering if it increases or decreases pH? The description only says that it may contain minerals that affect water ph.
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    20 Gallon Tank Petco Siamese Algae Eater?

    Bought at Petco 6 weeks ago and it was sold as a Siamese algae eater. It looked very different from when I bought it until now. It went from a silver/gray body with a black horizontal line across its body when I bought it to this yellow color. Is it actually a sae? What is it?
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    1 Gallon Tank Dr. Tim’s Fishless Cycle with Ammonia and Bacteria

    Anyone tried Dr. Tim’s method? In his YouTube video, he claims you can complete a fishless cycle in 5-7 days using his brand of Ammonium Chloride and One and Only Live Nitrifying Bacteria. I’m starting a new nano tank from scratch. It’s a very small tank approximately 9in L x 5.9in W x 8.2in H.
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    Fluval Stratum lowers pH for Shrimp?

    Fluval stratum promotes neutral to slightly acidic pH. Yet it says for plants or shrimp. How is that good for shrimp? Don’t they need hard water and higher pH?
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    10 Gallon Tank 7.5 pH?

    If you get a neutral pH of 7.6 and a high pH of 7.4, does that indicate a pH of 7.5?
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    1 Gallon Tank Pond/Pest Snail harvest tank out of whack with test results

    I have this tank to harvest pond/pest snails for food for other tanks. I think this tank needs daily maintenance and water changes. At least until it becomes more stable. That’s what I’m going to try unless there any other suggestions. Also I’ll clean the sponge filter more frequently and add a...
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    5 Gallon Tank Mystery Snail tank out of whack with test results

    This tank houses all of the offspring I’ve been able to hatch recently from another tank. I added some crushed coral substrate to get the pH up which worked for a week then went back down to 6.0. I also dose 5mm of calcium to this tank once a week. And I just added these Amazon sword...
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    20 Gallon Tank API pH test results help

    I need help with someone who’s good and experienced with api test results and reading the colors. I’m trying to understand being able to read the results correctly. Regarding the neutral pH, the results are from 2 separate tanks. The tube on the left is a shade darker compared to the tube on the...
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    Fishless Cycle Does light matter?

    Starting a fishless cycle on a new nano tank soon. Do I need a light or can the cycle run and complete without a light?
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    20 Gallon Tank How long does this take?

    If I put a new sponge filter into an already established cycled tank, how long will it take for that sponge filter to become cycled itself? And then how long might it take for a cycled sponge filter to jump start and fully cycle a new uncycled tank?
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    Plant ID What is the red plant in my tank?

    I forgot the name at the store. Want to do some research on it but not sure what it is.
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    20 Gallon Tank Can Bucephalandra survive in brackish water?

    as the title reads... the salinity is 1.006 in my tank.
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    What kind of Pleco is this?

    As seen in the documentary “Wild Caught”, what kind of Pleco is it?
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    Weird name for Pleco variantions?

    New to Plecos. I’ve recently become fascinated with the fancier Plecos. I noticed the odd letter/number names attached to their nicknames. Can anyone tell me more about this and if there’s a complete ID list on the web with all the variations and photos of each one.
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    Pangasius Catfish is Iridescent Shark?

    My LFS had these in stock today. Anyone know if they are labeled correctly? Is this how Pangasius catfish look as juveniles? How big do they get? Are they the same as Iridescent Sharks?
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    Is my hydrometer broken?

    I mixed instant ocean with de chlorinated tap water and the hydrometer read 1.003. Then I cleared it and filled it with just regular tap water and it still ready 1.003.
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    20 Gallon Tank Need help reading my pH please

    I need help reading my pH. Looks like it’s somewhere between 7.6 - 8.2...
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