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    converting fresh to salt

    Hi, I would recommend a good testing kit - one thing you can't do without! You'll need to test the saltiness/salinity/specific gravity with a hydrometer but you will also need to test ammonia, nitrates, nitrites and the pH levels. You don't need sand - you can get a huge range of substrates...
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    My plan of attack?

    Hiya, I found this on Hope it helps! Before placing live rock into any aquarium or curing set up, whether the rock is cured or uncured, precleaning and preparing it outside of the tank can greatly increase its quality and help to reduce the amount of die off. You can rinse it in a...
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    I think I'm just going to go with a normal MaxiJet - I guess I'll have to try and hide it somewhere behind some rock or something- do some clever aquascaping
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    I've lost a but one fish amd I'm lost.

    Yeah aquaman got it right - marine tanks have got to run and stabilise much slower than freshwater. I learned quickly - take everything very very slowly. I only added one fish every 2 months and I never had a problem after that. I left the tank cycle for 1 month with live sand, then added 2...
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    75 Gallon Tank Tiny bubbles

    I had that - they made the glass look funny because millions of tiny bubbles stuck to the sides. I think it's just oxygen in the water..
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    Does anyone have experience with not using a RO UNIT?

    I didn't have an RO unit so I just ran my tank on tap water for about a year - I didnt have any trouble. Then I found out that my local aquatic centre filled a large bucket for 75p so I just stored it for a few weeks at a time. It did have a big effect on the clarity of the water but I didn't...
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    Oh Andy, you're dangerous! I love seahorses but they're really pricey here in the UK and also, as I mentioned above, I go away quite often and don't want to have to leave my lodger in charge of something that delicate. My folks have moved to Canada so I visit them every 6 months and my Gran is...
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    P.S Andy your member spotlight is awesome!
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    Hey guys! Any recommendations for small inconspicious powerheads? Does anyone know if there's a company that makes clear ones? I am having mental dilemas in trying to make this fish tank look as "minimalist" as I can lol. I have seen some beautiful decorations made by reef one (I like the...
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    HI guys - thanks for the input - it's really interesting reading your comments. Hey Andy! Really good see you're still here and you've got babies!!! WOOO Last time I spoke to you, you weren't having much luck with fry. I have decided to go for 2 percula clowns - I've always had them in...
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    15 Gallon Tank New tank - what should i do to it?

    HI guys! I'm back and I've got a nice new project - I got a 55 litre/14 US gallon tank and want some ideas for some things...I'm going back to basics because i've forgotten a lot of stuff! I want to create a minimalist tank that can be viewed from all the way round as it's going in the...
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    Clowns spawn again ! With Video !

    Re: Clowns spawn again ! I think this is the most exciting post that has come up - I am glued. I have full time internet back now so happy ;D
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    Live Rock Types

    I've mixed some tonga branch and fiji..the branch stuff is cool! it had bluey green coraline on it althought he purple has grown over it now >
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    Lobster, anyone?!

    Hey bonza - are you in CT? I'm from Durbs but been living in the UK for 10 years now
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    Being stung by a man o war is not a nice experience... :'(
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    Lobster, anyone?!

    hahaha thanks for that! I didn't think they were lobsters - lobsters are much bigger and red from what I've seen. Now can you tell me the difference between a crayfish and a crawfish?? Because they seem very similar... thanks
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    Specific Fish to stir up Sand?

    I guess blennies or goby's is a good option. I have a sand sifting star fish and he does a good job - he's huge! I also bought a bunch of nassarius snails frrom ebay (much cheaper than the lfs) and they do a great job too ;D
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    My 6x2x2 - shark + EEL

    Wow that's soo cool! I love the way the shark moves..beautiful!
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    Very bare tank

    Hey diver, ok... I have copied and pasted this from Pre-Cured or Cured Live Rock Cured live rock is rock that has been in the retailer's tank for a few weeks, at least. The retailer will scrub off any dead or dying organisms from the face of the rock and...
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    Lobster, anyone?!

    hehe yum! (only kidding..I don't eat any fish but I do eat cows and pigs lol) According to my book the smaller species grow up to 5 inches whereas the large ones grow up to 8 inches. It doesn't say anything about how to care for them, what temp they need, what sort of substrate or what food...
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