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    I can’t keep Java Fern Alive??

    I’ve been keeping aquarium plants for 2 years now and the one plant I cannot seem to keep alive is Java Fern, the one that’s supposed to be unkillable. I live in a state with extremely hard water. My nitrates don’t usually dip above 25, ammonia and nitrite are always 0. I have low light, fix...
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    Ryukin Mystery Illness

    I have a ryukin I bought from petsmart about 9 months ago. He used to be very active but the past couple of days, he’s been spending most of his time at the bottom of the tank, presumably asleep as he doesn’t move. He still reacts when feeding, still eats well, but I’m a little alarmed by this...
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    Shy Danios, Always hiding?

    Last week, I brought home 6 pearl danios (Danio albolineatus) and put them in a 20 gallon tank where I’m growing out 6 teeny tiny transcriptus (the transcriptus will be moved to a larger tank in a few weeks, they’re just a little too small right now.) The danios seemed fine for two days then...
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    Breeding Lambchop Rasboras

    I’ve got a school of 12 Lambchop Rasbora (Trigonostigma espei) living in a 20 gallon, densely planted tank, 7.5 pH , hard water. They’ve lived in this tank for well over a year or so and a few weeks ago, I noticed them trying to breed on the underside of an amazon sword that had uprooted and was...
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    What Kind of Apisto Is This?

    I recently got an apistogramma from a cousin who no longer wanted to take care of her. According to my cousin, she’s four years old and she seems pretty healthy, albeit a little Shy for now. From my understanding, different species of apistos require different water parameters, so I want to make...
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    What kind of pleco is this?

    This was sold to me as a rubber lipped pleco but... I’m starting to think it’s not. Can someone help me identify him?
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