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    Brown and foam on top water, can’t raise ph

    I’ve just set up my 16l tank a week ago. Water has been crystal clear up until this morning when I woke up. Water is now a light brown with foam on the surface where my filter is. Now I was going with the walstad method however due to my location it was impossible to find organic soil without...
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    Walstad method soil

    I’m from australia so all the soil I see people using in their walstad method tanks are not available here ! (E.g miracle pro). I’ve been searching organic soils but all mention fertiliser, such as organic fertiliser pellet or bone and blood. I’m wondering if these are okay to use or should I...
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    Floating ramshorn snail day 7

    I’m just started my first walstad method tank. All my levels are perfect and I have two ramshorn snails, a bladder snail and a mystery snail. The first day I put my snails in, my big ramshorn snail stayed on the floor without moving and the next day floated to the top. It’s now day 7 and it...
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