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    The use of vitamin c for dechlorinating water?

    i know it might sounds abit crazy but hear me out. i've been reading online and it seems that vitamin c not only remove chlorine but also chloramine (the ammonia aspect of it too) also i asked abit more people on this and i found that fish farm (some atleast) use vitamin c to dechlorinate their...
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    Betta ammonia poisoning help!

    HELP! ammonia spike after i did water change ( my tap water had high level of ammonia and i didnt realize it because this never happened before and it was too late when I did realize it) my betta on the bottom rn breathing very heavily I put him in a 2 liters tub rn and gave him aquarium salt...
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    Nerite snail came back to life?

    ok so the title is kinda a clickbait but I THOUGHT HE WAS DEAD FOR SURE. my nerite snail was attacked by my betta yesterday and uw as sure he was dead 100% i waited 12 hours and wait for movement and he still didnt move a tiny bit. so i was like ' this guys is dead' so i pick him up put him in...
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    Snail wont eat veggies???

    I had my nerite snail for ab over 4 months now. zebra and the spiky one. I'm concerned because I havent seen as much algae anymore. in fact I couldnt see one at all. and it looks like they've been cruising way farther than they usually do. so I've been trying to feed them blanch veggies. I tried...
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    Stocking help for friend, 55 gallon

    Asking for a friend my friend: i have a quick question because i've been a bit upset lately. So, anyone here unaware, I have a 55 gallon tank with a yellow jacket (hes small, and im growing him out to later sell) a blue acara a jack dempsey a green terror this sounds absolitely horrible I know...
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    Is 1 week old media enough?

    Hello! I'm setting up a betta tank soon for my mom. but my mom want it to be done and filled by next week. so I put a bag of new bioring to one of my heavily stocked tank and been feeding the fish alot to wait for a week for the bacteria to get to the bioring my question is do you guys think...
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    Quarantine wild caught loaches?

    hey! im getting some wildcaught arrow loaches soon and planning to quarantine them first just incase of parasites or disease etc. does anyone here know how to treat loaches? i heard they're fairly sensitive so im just worried that normal qt that i usually do could be dangerous for them.
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    20G cave idea?

    hello! im planning to setup a 20 gallon cave theme style tank for blind cave tetra. does anyone here have any idea or example of one? ive only ever see it on a nano scale and they're usually hard to replicate to bigger tank. so any suggestion would be lovely!
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    Blind cave tetra feeding?

    do i need to feed them like everyday? how much should i feed them? i read online apparently they evolved to not even eat that much and still alive does that i mean i can like feed them not that often? also are nerite snail safe with them?
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    What are some native indonesian fish?

    im plannin to do an indonesian biotope. just anywhere in indonesia. but ive been having a hard time finding fish that can fit in a 30 gallon from indonesia that lives in the sameish area? does anyone know any?
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    Blind cave tetra day/night cycle?

    Does anyone here know if i should give day/night cycle for my blind cave tetra or should i give them complete darkness?
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    How to add lots amount of fish?

    Hello!! so i have a cycled filter that ive been using for one of my betta. the filter been running for about 3 months after cycling was done. but now i want to use that filter for a 10 gallon quarantine tank. i just bought 6 Blind cave tetra (should arrive tomorrow)and i want to quarantine them...
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    Mysterious snail species?

    Does anyone here know what snail species this is? it's my first time seeing it. the seller didn't put any description on the snail species and when I asked they don't know either. it's a freshwater snail. I'm from Indonesia if that helps
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    DIY aquarium thickness?

    so im making a diy aquarium with the measurement 200x60x80cm widht x depth x height. with the thickness 15millimeters. do you guys think that would be enough?
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    Betta fry death?

    is it normal for the first week for there to be alot of betta fry death? theres still much more thats alivebut it seems like i see new dead one everyday and im wondering if its normal?
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    Copepods eating betta fry?!

    i put some copepods jnto my 5 days old fry tank thinking it would be fine but i see them attacking thefry??!! what do i do?i didnt knlw they eat betta fry i never read this anywhere online ok to be fair I only see them attack 2 betta fry but still
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    Opinions on diy bottle filter?

    do you guys think those diy bottle filter is safe? i heard that plastic will leach to water in time but then again there's expiration date on the bottle so im guessing its fine to use before those date? also another question can a light be too bright for betta fry?
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    Betta fry filter?

    the question is more on can betta thats less than a month old get a filter? i heard that they arent even strong enough to handle a sponge filter? is this true? i never use a filter on any of mine because of these rumor. but a filter would be nice
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    How long to wait after betta breeds?

    How long do i need to wait after breedig a betta to breed again? one of my male left his nest and stop caring for it so i move the eggs to another betta dad. my question is how long do i need to wait again before i can breed that male again? and also the female
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    Water problem betta breeding urgent!

    HELP!!! im a new betta breeder. one of my betta breedig tub are having this weird thing ontop of it. idk where jt comes from. im guessing its somewhere from my new indian almond leaf. now the male leave the eggs and wont care for it or make new bubble nest. and the water are bad, what should i...
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