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    Can anyone ID this shrimp?

    Hi hope everyone is well, Could someone id this shrimp, I got it free in with my red cherry shrimp when I bought 5 obviously she didn't see it in there when I bought them.
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    Making sure I got a M/F pair

    Hi all, got two dwarf Gourami yesterday and just wanted to make sure they where a male and female pair, I know the female is normally not as brightly coloured as the male, it's just when the light hits the female she has a slight pink ish colour to her.
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    Betta pic

    Hi all, I'm really wanting to share this pic I've just taken on my mobile phone, can't believe how good it's turned out.
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    Siamese Algae Eater losing black stripe

    Hi all, I new to this forum and never really post much I'm more of a watcher, I seem to be having a problem with one of my Siamese Algae Eaters it has lost its black stripe and have no idea as to why, all my water peramiters are spot on, my tank is a 125L around 2 foot long and is planted also...
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