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  1. Repolie

    Forum Glitch

    I'm having problems where I'm logged in as a different user and having problems signing out. When I'm on some pages I'm as myself, other times I'm logged in as Georgie Girl. Help please Mike?
  2. Repolie

    Unknown Bug In Frozen Food

    Well, while thawing my frozen Spirulina Brine Shrimp for my bettas, I came across this strange caterpillar thing frozen along with them. Has this happened to anyone else? Can anyone identify it? And could it harm my fish?
  3. Repolie

    Why Does My Betta Have Sbd?

    Ok I would normally know what I'm doing with my bettas, but my female betta is confusing me. So I would normally feed her, her Bug Bites Betta Formula soaked in some tank water and feed a little extra and she had no problems digesting it. But she would have these episodes where she would get SBD...
  4. Repolie

    Betta Fish In Webtoons!

    I was reading my daily Webtoons and I stumbled upon a betta in the art! I'm just so happy seeing a betta in there. It's a dumbo halfmoon betta too! Just something random I wanted to share because it made me so happy.
  5. Repolie

    Exo Terra Coco Husk For Grindal Worms?

    Ok so my grindal worm culture had a mite infestation and it was driving me nuts watching them scare away the grindal worms and hog all the food. So I wanted to restart the culture. I went around looking for coconut coir and I could only come across the Exo Terra Coco husk for reptiles and I was...
  6. Repolie

    How I Treated Dropsy

    Now this was a while ago and I've been lurking around on Fishlore for about ~2 years and didn't make an account until now because I just felt like it. On June.14 I was feeding my betta and I fed a little extra bloodworms to Gladiator, my red dragonscale plakat male because I thawed too much and...
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