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  1. Junne

    Want To Sell Neolamprologus Multifaciatis - Shell Dweller - San Francisco Bay area

    Neolamprologus Multifaciatis - Shell Dweller - San Francisco Bay area I have many juvenile shell dwellers for sale. 10.00 each or if you buy 5 or more, they are 8.00 each. If you live within the bay area, I could meet you half way. Each shell dweller will come with a shell. Sorry, no shipping...
  2. Junne

    Stuck Dojo loach in ornament - ideas?

    My crazy dojo got himself stuck in an ornament - I've tried pushing him back in ( he can't go forward because he's too big ) He's not cooperating - do you think I should just wait it out a few days as he will likely get a bit thinner from not eating or????? Suggestions please! Thank you
  3. Junne

    Mickey Mouse First Platy Fry... When Do They Start Coloring Up?

    My first batch of Mickey Mouse Platy fry!!!! 35 of them! When do they start "coloring" up and showing the MM pattern on their tails? They are 10 days old today.... Here's the thing, I have had my main tank set up for years and MM platy's for the past 4 years. They have had numerous babies...
  4. Junne

    Love Your Pet Day - Fish Included

    YettI and friends living the dream............. Shot with a GoProHero7Black
  5. Junne

    Inside The Tank - Livin The Dream!

    Go pro hero 7 - black Completely submersible Still practicing with the settings and stuff but I see great things with this little camera.
  6. Junne

    Siamese Algae Eaters - Do They Eat

    Siamese Algae eaters - do they eat java moss? I bought 4 SAE's in April of this year. They have done an excellent job of clearing the BBA off of the fake plants but I have noticed that my java moss is disappearing! I've always had more of an overgrowth of the moss but since these guys have...
  7. Junne

    Siamese Algae Eaters Mating?

    Are these Siamese algae eaters doing a mating ritual? I've had these 4 for about 2 weeks ( currently in QT tank )
  8. Junne

    Fish Feet Massage?

    I've never heard anything like this...... Sounds really disgusting to me, AND for the fish involved. :stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet::stinkyfeet: Would YOU do it? Not for me, NO thanks~! Looks like they have locations all over the US.
  9. Junne

    New Siamese Algae Eaters

    FINALLY found some!!!!! I checked a bunch of different online stores ( they had them but wanted 2.99 - 4.99 each AND $30.00 shipping! ) Even called a few places locally ( no one could confirm they were the true and not the flying fox, Chinese etc ) So then I called the store I normally like to...
  10. Junne

    New Black Eyed Dojo Loach / Interesting Markings

    Check out my new Dojo loach - his name is "Risotto" Isn't he just adorable? I've never seen one that had dark splotches on them ( being a golden ) He has it on his face AND back near his tail. Now he can be friends with my other black eyed one ( SpaghettI ) and hopefully the other 2 Dojo's (...
  11. Junne

    Fish Shaming And Why I Never Have

    any platy fry! Out of the females that give birth every other month or so, I've only had 4 fry in the past year!
  12. Junne

    Easter Bunny Photo's At Petsmart For A Loach????

    Just got this funny text today - I can just see lugging my 10 inch loach in a bowl to see the Easter Bunny. If I knew YettI wouldn't flip out, it might be a funny pic, don't ya think??
  13. Junne

    Looking For - True Siamese Algae Eater - Crossocheilus Siamensis

    Looking for True Siamese Algae Eater - Crossocheilus siamensis Any one have any suggestions for good online website that sell these? Some of the places I saw wanted $3.99 for the fish but $70.00 for shipping! I live in Northern California and no one seems to stock these at the places I...
  14. Junne

    Happy Valentines Day From Yetti The Loach

    YettI has a pouty face today - I think I need to get him a girlfriend, what do you think? He's got 2 male buddies right now.
  15. Junne

    My 6 Year Old Nerites

    These are the last 3 ( out of the 4 I originally had ) that are 6 + years old. I was told they only live 3 years. I finally figured out WHY 2 of them have pitted and flaked off shells that have been occurring the last few years! My MEAN 6 year old Pleco had been playing soccer with them when...
  16. Junne

    Mm Platy, Torn Tail And ?

    About a month ago, one of the males was harassing my female MM platy and must have chewed her tail off ( you can see the regrowth ) and since then, she's been somewhat lethargic and not as active ( always hiding too ) her scales look a little raised so not sure if there is something else wrong...
  17. Junne

    Yetti Likes His Back Massaged

    I've discovered that my Albino golden dojo loach, YETTI loves his back massaged with the python. Whenever I am cleaning the tank, he races over to it and likes the water pouring on his back. He's done this a few times and each time I would move the wand away thinking he was trying to move it...
  18. Junne

    Mm Platy Poop Size?

    Am I the only one that thinks this is strange - how her poop is bigger than her?????? She is a voracious eater and consistently has this trailing her like she's a balloon/kite or something!
  19. Junne

    Neon Tetra Lost Blue Coloring On Top ( See Pic )

    So yesterday for Black Friday I bought 12 neon tetras - they were acclimated for about 6 hours total, water is 0/0/15 - in QT tank, temps 74/75 degrees, ph 8.0. I have never in my 7 + years of fishkeeping lost so many fish in one day! Out of 12, I have 5 left - they all just "died" within 24...
  20. Junne

    Black Friday Sales, What Did You Get?

    I usually buy my fish on Black Friday every year. Today I got: 12 Neon tetras 9 Zebra Danios 4 glolight tetras Wanted to buy more but I only have a 10 gallon QT which they will share for at least 6 - 8 weeks. All of the fish were 50% off and cost me $29.00 total. WHAT a deal~!
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