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  1. bcsay720

    Is this a female gourami?

    Has my little baby finally colored up enough to sex it? I'm thinking female. Thoughts?
  2. bcsay720

    Honey Gourami Lonely

    Hi, everyone. My beautiful male honey gourami has been pretty lonely and stressed lately. I had to euthanize his partner a few weeks ago, and I think he realizes she's never coming back. Their lone surviving fry entered the main tank a week ago and wants nothing to do with him. They were...
  3. bcsay720

    White Spot on Tetra Stomach

    Hello! Finally got some new tetras the other day to add to my school of 7. They're very anxious (as new glowlight seem to be). They're in QT for a few weeks where I'm treating them preemptively for parasites. My most active and hungry of the 3 also has a weird internal white spot on either...
  4. bcsay720

    How Long Do Gouramis Raise Their Young?

    How long do gouramis raise their young in the wild? I know the female is pretty much out of the picture after the eggs are laid, but the male protects the nest for many days afterwards. In captivity, we usually remove the parents immediately or within a few days, but how long would it take the...
  5. bcsay720

    Can Female Gouramis Make Nests?

    Hello! I'm trying to do an early sexing of my honey gourami fry. I have one male in the main tank. I had to euthanize his partner a few weeks ago due to a camallanus infestation (the meds took so long to get here, sadly). I still have their single surviving fry that hatched at the end of July...
  6. bcsay720

    Cory Fry Ammonia Poisoning

    Hi, everyone, One of my 4 cory fry ended up with the starting symptoms of ammonia poisoning. I usually kept a few bladder snails in the (long cycled) grow out tank to take care of uneaten food, but their population exploded this time... even every other day 40% water changes couldn't keep up...
  7. bcsay720

    Camallanus in Honey Gouramis

    Hi, everyone, So, I've been struggling to figure out what's been wrong with my honey gouramis, and I think I figured it out. They both seemed to start having chunky (but still brown) poop after their first batch of eggs, and their anuses seemed larger, so I thought it was just a result of...
  8. bcsay720

    White Spot near Tetra's Tail

    Hello, everyone! No picture yet (I'll get one in the morning), but I noticed a white spot near one of my tetra's tails. It it is not fuzzy, flaky, or raised. I only just noticed it this evening, maybe 3 hours ago. I just did a water change earlier today Here's some info on this particular fish...
  9. bcsay720

    Mixing Types of Honey Gouramis

    Hi, everyone. I went to a new local fish store yesterday, and it's amazing. They sell wild type honey gouramis there, and I was wondering: can I have both wild type and sunset honey gouramis in my tank? I currently have 2 adults (a breeding pair, though they're taking a break now), 1 fry who...
  10. bcsay720

    Honey Gouramis Acting Strange

    Hello! My honey gourami breeding pair started acting strange today. My male lost all his blue on his underside (which happens when he's asleep or stressed). Also, my honeys were both napping when I got home from work, when they're usually awake and active. It also took both at least twenty...
  11. bcsay720

    What Rocks for my Blackwater 5g?

    Hi everyone, I'm in the process of rescaping my betta tank with just wood and rocks. If my current addition of pin oak that I collected goes well, then I'll be set on adding any additional wood I'll want. What rocks do you think would go well with the set up? I have one singular river rock in...
  12. bcsay720

    Moving Honey Gourami Fry

    Hi, everyone, My honeys spontaneously spawned in my community tank while I was at work a few days ago. The fry are likely going to become free swimming this afternoon or tonight. Should I move them now or wait for them to become free swimming? I started out with about 50, and my male must have...
  13. bcsay720

    Free Swimming Cory Fry?

    Hi, everyone! My cory eggs hatched... seems like I only ended up with two fry again, sadly. At least I don't have to give any of them away once they get older. One thing I noticed this time that I didn't last time is that my fry are swimming at top and middle levels, not on the ground. I had...
  14. bcsay720

    Aggressive Male Honey Gourami

    Hello! My honey gourami pair reached maturity and have tried spawning! Their first batch happened 1.5 weeks ago (my male dropped all the eggs over the course of 12 hours), and my male had been eagerly awaiting another batch of eggs. Meaning that he's become a complete menace to my other fish...
  15. bcsay720

    Hornwort Help

    I can seem to get any of my plants to grow except the easiest one... hornwort. I've had it for almost 6 months, and mine has barely grown. It's healthy and looks good, but it's just stagnant. I gave my friend some clippings from mine, and she said hers is out of control, so it's clearly just me...
  16. bcsay720

    Is My Seal Going Bad?

    Hi! Just noticed this in my 29g seal on one corner. It's a used fish tank, but I've had it for almost 6 months with no problem. Don't want to wake up to one, though. Every other corner looks okay. If it's starting to go, could I caulk it from the outside until I can get a new tank? Thanks!
  17. bcsay720

    Moving Tank Across Room

    Hi, everyone. My SO and I are going to be rearranging our apartment (we want to buy a house but the market had other plans. So here we are), and I need my move my tanks before winter. They're in front of a baseboard heater, and my 5g is on the bottom shelf of the stand (again, we thought we'd be...
  18. bcsay720

    How to Keep Up Humidity?

    Hi, everyone. How can I increase humidity on my 29g long lidless tank? I lost many gourami eggs yesterday because the bubble nest wouldn't stick around and dropped most of the eggs. I always thought my male was just bad at making them, and then it occurred to me that the humidity is probably too...
  19. bcsay720

    Marks on bottom of Cory

    Hello! I've got a school of 7 peppered cories (with two babies that I raised from eggs being moved to the main tank next week). My favorite of the bunch, who is lovingly named "Fat Lady," has developed some marks on her stomach that are seemingly internal over the last two days. She's always had...
  20. bcsay720

    Affects of Lead Piping on Fish?

    Hello, everyone. This is a bit of a hypothetical (though important) question. My significant other and I are considering putting an offer in on a house (yet again....), but this house has a lead service pipe. A water test is currently being done on the house by the sellers to double check that...
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