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  1. Ghelfaire

    HELP Very Sick Betta

    Does it look flat or slimy or fuzzy? It can also be missing scales but I just want to make sure.
  2. Ghelfaire

    HELP Very Sick Betta

    Did the white patches show up before or after you started medication? (I somehow missed that part, it's early morning here)
  3. Ghelfaire

    HELP Very Sick Betta

    A lot of medicines can be harmful to bettas. He's probably getting old, male bettas are sold in shops older than females. Although the lifespan of a betta can be anywhere between 2-5 years, 2-3 is more common. I'm going through something similar with my elder female betta. I lowered the water...
  4. Ghelfaire

    Sexing mollies question

    Top 2 pics are females and the bottom pic is a male.
  5. Ghelfaire

    Looking to keep khuli loaches

    Like any eel shaped fish they are escape artists. A tight lid and a way to keep them out of the filter will be necessary
  6. Ghelfaire

    Schooling livebearer

    They might shoal when scared but I don't think any livebearers actually school properly
  7. Ghelfaire

    Clownfish - white spots

    From the size and where it started it sounds like ich. But I would wait for confirmation from someone more familiar with salt water diseases
  8. Ghelfaire

    How big do African dwarf frogs get?

    There's a frog in the picture
  9. Ghelfaire

    So I finally made use of my 3.5 gallon tank!

    Female swordtails get 6". They can't stay in a 3.5 gallon aquarium
  10. Ghelfaire

    So I finally made use of my 3.5 gallon tank!

    Meat, I'm just going to warn you female swordtails get really big and are active fish so they need a lot of room.
  11. Ghelfaire

    What is my CPD suffering from?

    Curved spines can be a symptom of multiple things. Does it look S shaped from the top?
  12. Ghelfaire

    Fish stocking for my tank

    Dwarf gouramis may or may not be aggressive so have a back up plan just in case. A honey gourami might work better but some people say they need to be kept in groups. Albino corydoras get a bit big for a 50 l (15g) tank. You should try salt and pepper corydoras or another pygmy corydora species.
  13. Ghelfaire

    Long fin zebra stressed and won't eat

    Have you tried live/frozen foods? Might get him to at least try eating. You can use tongs to put the food in front of him
  14. Ghelfaire

    Need help on a Total rescape of my 10 G

    There are a bunch of plants that don't need nutrient rich soils that you can also try. Anubias, anacharis, java fern etc. My concern is that if you try the second method that you'll end up making the tank cloudy with dirt. And the first method might require recycling the tank. Both are doable...
  15. Ghelfaire

    5 Gallon Tank What to do with the bugs in my tank?

    Can you describe the bugs a bit better? I can't quite tell from the pictures. The "stretchy body with a shell" might be a baby pond or bladder snail, people see them as pests but they also do a good job on algae control.
  16. Ghelfaire

    How big do African dwarf frogs get?

    Did you accidentally buy African clawed frogs? Sometimes they're mislabeled at the store.
  17. Ghelfaire

    75 Gallon Tank Male Mollies suddenly fighting

    Yeah, mollies can be aggressive jerks. If you rearrange the tank it should mess up their territories and they'll have to establish new ones, might help.
  18. Ghelfaire

    Stunning schooling fish

    Rummynose tetras are tight schoolers with a beautiful red face. Cardinal tetras are very colorful Guppies don't school but can be very colorful. Get males only to prevent breeding You have a ton of choices.
  19. Ghelfaire

    Sick Betta Fish, looks like fin rot?

    Does the curve in his spine look S shaped from above? Is there anything that he could have injured himself on?
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